In my bag I keep:

1) My purse - full of low-denomination coins that I never use as I always pay by debit card. At least it's nice and hefty so I could use it in self-defence!
2) Tissues - they have to be a bit quirky. The last thing you need to see, especially when you're ill, is the colour and contents of your nose! I like tissues with pictures on.
3) Bobbi Brown make-up such as the concealer pen in 'warm sand', blusher in 'pink sugar', lipstick in the burnt orange/red and my main-staple eyeshadow palette.
4) My door key - attached to key ring, my car key not. Why you ask? My husband borrows the car key to drive to his running club and doesn't want to carry all my keys. Fair enough. Apart from the time I forgot my door key and was locked out of the house!
5) A book, especially if I'm going anywhere that involves sitting down, being outside or where some kind of social action is expected and/or taking place. I've just finished this book.
6) My Rose and Co. sugared violet hand cream - I love this! I am CRAZY about violet scented and tasting things. Though I won't be tasting this! I put it on my hands last thing at night so I can go to sleep with its lovely smell. I also put it on when a bit stressed. (so mostly at school then)
7) Jewelry. In the car driving home from work my ears feel heavy from the earrings I've been wearing all day. The solution? Take them off and put them in my bag. Forget they're in my bag. Make a small collection of earrings and rings at the bottom of my bag. Go to my jewellery chest and wonder where my earrings/rings are. Root around the bottom of my bag picking bits of tissue and general bag detritus from the odd earring. Sigh in frustration at myself.
8) Plasters - and YES, I do have the Twilight ones! :D

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Wrote 4 years ago
ha! This is cool!

Wrote 4 years ago
Haha, lovely set!!

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