|| now that she's back in the atmosphere, i'm afraid that she might think of me. ||


roselia isabelle dewitt, or rose for short, was the girl that everyone was either terrified of or the girl that all the guys wanted. dark-hair, entrancing blue-grey eyes, olive skin, and an unfiltered brain, she was the envy of most of the girls in their school. many guys tried and failed to capture her heart, but she fell for the quiet, shy and extremely nerdy logan from her english and drama classes. they instantly became the brangelina of the entire high school. six months into their relationship, she tells him that she's moving to new york because of her father's job. the only thing logan got before she left was a long, lingering kiss, and rose dewitt was off on a plane from new orleans to the concrete jungle. two years later, she's back in louisiana, but something doesn't seem quite right with her. trying to reignite the spark back with rose seemed easy... until she broke down.


rose looked at him and shook her head sadly. "i'm not the rose dewitt you once knew, logan."
logan raised an eyebrow. "then what happened to the first girl who told me she loved me?"
the brunette turned her head to the wooden floor. "i... i don't know. i changed. maybe drops of jupiter fell on my head and made me a different person. i don't know anymore."


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