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{ October 4th, 2013 }

{ Million Dollar Bills - Lorde }

So I found this skirt from the fabulous Cabbage so partial credit goes to Audrey, even though you hate cherries. -.-

I haven't created a set in a while, simply because I've been doing other things and have had absolutely no inspiration at all. #lazylily And this set's terrible, so...

Anyways, I'm really bored, and I'm contemplating the word 'marshmallow,' because for a soft, white, tasty treat that melts slowly under a fire it certainly has a terrible name. Just think about it, /marsh/ is a wet area that's muddy and squishes weirdly and a /mallow/ is a plant with hairy stems. So seriously, I think the dictionary people should consider changing the name of it.

Enough with my rant on marshmallows, I'll write something else.

Um, well, today I'm on Fall Break, so all I've been doing is swimming with my friends at the beach and waiting for winter to come so I can go skiing in the rocky mountains. I'm dying to get on the snow again.

Yep. That's your insight into my life. xD

xx Lily
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