I put on the last coat of mascara, walking in my red boots with matching red gloves in my black mini dress, well i am a hot sight.

Rosie and Ruby are a bit worried i might commit freaking suicide one of this days, in not that depressed.
I got on my Ruby Red Ducati, other present from papa Robbins bribing me to go back to New York, no thanks dad.
She purrs like a tiger and i go, i let my hair run as free as it can. the helmet is not helping
i got to Tin's place and saw the same hottie that walked on me in my lingerie. i blew him a kiss and he winked. i liked him.

i walked in and there was david guetta blasting from the speakers. fun party.

"hey Tins, happy birthday babe" i said handing her a chanel bag. 

"Thanks Rach! please enjoy the party, you look amazing by the way" she said.

"thanks hun and i will" i said and winked.

"Gemma!" i called and she turned.

"Hey Rach!" she greeted back.

"Looking good hun!" i teased.

"Thanks" she said making a funny face.

"No really!" i told her.

"well thanks then you look quite rebel?" she said hesitant.

"i drove my bike here." i answered.

"the red Ducati is yours?" she asked and i nodded

"wow i thought it was Noah's" she said.

"Noppers mine and only" i said and she laughed.
we made small talk but then Viv called Gem and i was left to take a red bull and Jagger, so a delicious Jagger-Bomb! [seriously they are amazing!]

"You shouln't drink if you drive" a fu.ck hot voice said next to me.

"Oh lingerie dude" i said and he chuckled.

"im serious" he said.

"well im not driving then." i said.

"who may i ask is taking you home?" he said

"You are big boy" i said and he sat there like a dummy.

"meet you here soon! i need to check on my baby" i said heading out.

On my way out i bumped into someone.

"Oh im sorry, hummm Taylor right?" i asked.

"Yeah and dont worry Doctor Robbins" she said a bit afraid.

"dont be afraid darling, i only bite inside the hospital" i said and winked.

"oh i know" she said

"care to explain?" i asked.

"you dishes out one of the interns last week" she said.

"well yeah i bet he wont forget what he did wrong and wont do it again" i said 

she giggled. "you are right" she told me.

"well excuse me Tay, i need to check my bike, and yes the red Ducati" i said and smiled proudly while she stared at me like if i was crazy.

well i migh not be crazy but i was pretty wasted.
after 7 Jagger bombs and 3 tequila shots you might get dizzie!

"You ok darling" i asked my Red Princess.

"you look extremly sexy in that dress Doctor Robbins" he said

"Noah right?" i asked.

"Yes, now come on tell me where you live" he said while calling a cab.

"ohhh no, we are not leaving Chanel here!" i said

"Chanel?" he asked amused.

"yes..." i said pouting while stroking my bike.

"i could drive you there, but no funny business" he said while a glint in his eyes told me other wise.

"Yes doctor" i said handing him the keys.

We got on the bike while i whispered the adress in his ear brushing my lips to his ear.

What? im a ho.rny drunk.

He dropped me off and i offered my bed. he took the offer and believe it or not we actually had some sleep! ;)

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