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Ducky's Un/pretentious Guide to Good Design for Fashion Sets::Lesson 1: Major Layout Genres and a History There Of

//Intro the Series:
There are an infinite number of 'correct' ways to make a set. I suppose I should be nice and say there are no bad ones--but I'm not nice. There is some bad set making happening no thanks to recent trends or general ignorance. I have made it my duty to eradicate ignorance in favor of some basic design principles that can be applied in numerous ways.
I am a know-it-all who just wants the iphone app trend of minimalistic grid sets with four items to DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. The reason I dislike these sets so much is they all have the same style both in the actual clothing used and the way presented--I find absolutely no way to tell apart who made them. It is important to take the design principles, use them to explore and experiment and create something new and that is all yours [copying to practice or get a feel for layouts is ok as long as you use your content.] I have used this tool for six years and I believe it is capable of far more interesting results than that. It saddens me so goddamned much that terrible design is being replaced by the remarkable talents of so many users.
But I suppose many of you have not had six years of experience. So I am combining my graphic design schooling with my own personal polyvore tricks to accurately give you new ways of making and exploring sets that will lead to a good design revolution.
And always remember: f/ck the Fibonacci sequence.
PS: Thank you to all contributing members whose permission I most certainly did not ask. If you're in here, I probably think your sets are amazing, that you are distinct in your personal set making style and generally know what the crap you're doing.
PPS: This by no means 100% accurate and while it is based on things I learned in class like the design principles it's mostly based on my opinions and own meandering experience.
In Lesson one I think it's important that we all learn about layouts before we can learn about the parts that make them good. THERE ARE AN INFINITE NUMBER OF LAYOUTS AND I AM ONLY DRILLING A SHALLOW HOLE OF KNOWLEDGE IN IT.
Please add addendums in the comments if you have any layout types or layout subgenres to educate people about [I hit the item limit so I can't add more.]. Please include sets or links to collections for proof. And please read the lesson first. GRASSYASS.


Wrote one year ago
what an awesome journey you took us on. I love it.

Wrote one year ago
Bit late to the party for this, but it was so intriguing looking over the layouts of poly's past.
I'm also not a fan of the minimalist sets, I admit to making one and it should never again be a thing. I just find them to lack effort and it doesn't really do polyvore justice. Like I can see people finding this website and being honestly put off by the sets and not join. Or even worse, join the site and simply create sets with that one layout.
I have a problem with empty white space it seems.
I think I'll make it my goal to make more sets that have more white space in them.
Hahaha maybe I'll even try the fish layout [;

Wrote one year ago
Oohhhh I'm in here but GAHHH HORRIBLE SET. It's okay. I've learned [I think].

Wrote one year ago
For like a solid week after my millionth hiatus (and this was when the minimalist sets were becoming all the rage) I thought they WERE made by the same person, haha.
But anyway I don't even know what set type I make - is that bad?

Wrote one year ago
I cannot even begin to explain how much I loved reading this. I look forward to more of your lessons. Thank you for acknowledging the different types of sets on polyvore. I think a lot of people have forgotten that because of how many "minimalist" type sets are out there. I don't hate them but I'm not a huge fan either.

Wrote one year ago
I can't even begin to explain how much I hate those super blah "minimalist" sets and how much I love this collection. (Honestly, they all have the same items and look as though they were made by the same person. Like why bother coming on polyvore if you have no intention of being creative?)
Thanks for including me in this!

Wrote one year ago
Thank you so so so much for this collection (and for the future lessons)! If possible, could you maybe do a lesson giving some tips on how to make the different set styles? I don't venture very far from dolls and I haven't got a clue how to do any of the other layouts.
(And for the record I think dolls should have their own category, preferably :P )

Wrote one year ago
I think it is quite amusing to see your disdain about 'preppy' and simple (minimalistic?) sets. In my opinion, I think minimalistic sets are great for people who are new to the site and bloggers, since they mainly focus on the clothing aspect of fashion, instead of the many pictures and fillers. "Preppy" sets were what I have done before, and I don't even know how I started with it. I guess there are many different individuals on Polyvore, and each have their own specific styles and layouts. Thank you for putting up this collection and I definitely have learned a lot, seeing that I found your account through the ANTM roleplay. (I was intrigued by your username.)
This has probably been a stupid and long comment, but I will definitely do the homework. :)

Wrote one year ago
This is excellent, truly. And thanks for using a couple of my sets! ^^

Wrote one year ago
You're funny.
Homework starts tomorrow.

Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
You set just fine. :P

Wrote one year ago
This is fantastic, and I shall start my homework right away.

Wrote one year ago
en a member for three years!
(Not a long time, but many prominent events in my life have past)

Wrote one year ago
Thankyouverymuch for this because I have no idea how to make a set and I've be

Wrote two years ago
Your old sets were also gorgeous and this fact made me terribly jealous. I never look at my old sets.
This was... instructive. Though I really don't mind the minimalistic grid sets; I find them boring and ignore them, mostly, and that's it. It was amazing, the layouts and backgrounds people could come up with when Poly had no cut or rotate tools and its transparency settings were at most lame. Those sets were just downright fucking magical; though I really don't miss those times.
I feel like trying another layout for quite some time now, see if I still can fill the whole space.
Also, thanks for mentioning my minis. I thought they'd be quite obsolete by now.

Wrote two years ago
Nah, I get ya. I would really like to see a collection of overused models, that irks me the most around here, tbh. (I think you had one some time ago, not sure about this)

Wrote two years ago
Cool. =] I'm worried that I made this confusing for other people.

Wrote two years ago
ya, i get it, lol.

Wrote two years ago
Look, I know I come off strong regarding that subject, I come off strong about a lot of things I either like or dislike, but I really just wanted to make a comprehensive collection exploring layout types in general for one little reference guide. What you're saying is really what I'm trying to show.
@ambervogue ' I think as long as a person learns and properly applies the elements and principals of design, they're good to go no matter what layout they arrive at." --That is also what I'm trying to do here.

Wrote two years ago
ur right about a lot of those grid/item sets in that they DO tend to all have the same style of clothing--odd. BUT i don't mind them...however they're not my fave-- they don't show the greatest level of artistry or design ability but i guess not everyone is concerned with that. to each their own i suppose. undoubtedly there's great value in the heightened use of the iphone app for the overall continued success of pv, so no way are they going to shun what ppl are capable of when using the app, ya know? this site is marketing monster first and foremost. anyway, i ♥ what you've shown here...but i think there are about 50 more common set styles, HA! I think some ppl find it difficult to be an individual with their set creations b/c not enough ppl support going against the grain. they'd rather go with the flow and do what's "popular". I'm not discrediting that here on pv, because obviously ppl want their creations to be seen and liked. I think as long as a person learns and properly applies the elements and principals of design, they're good to go no matter what layout they arrive at.

Wrote two years ago
I can't wait to read part 2. If I think of anymore layout types I will let you know.

Wrote two years ago
idk man, I understand that there's a flux of "minimalistic" sets but that's their personal style. I don't like it either but it's a trend, just like the editorial-type sets that got popular for a hot second. This place seems to go with the popular trends and a lot of layouts change with time (myself included). Right now I have a lazy as.s layout because it's easy and I don't waste like two hours trying to crop photos like my previous collage-type set that brought me ~top sets back then because it was the popular type back then.
I have some people in my Poly-friends who have taken the item grid set and made it their own and I think it looks neat. Plus, I don't know how people make glorious sets in that iPhone app because I once attempted one and all I could come up with was this: http://www.polyvore.com/lets_go_heat/set?id=86399543 That being said, I do prefer the good ol' boring grid-style sets than templates (even though I use a lot of templates for the mood board because they're qt and fun) aaaand sorry for the long reply.

Wrote two years ago
So I just want to say, Hi, this is something I've been trying to do for a while, I know I'm talking to myself right now, but I've had an itch to make these collections for months. And now it is starting. I have Lesson 2 in the works and I plan on making Lesson 3 be color. I also plan an a general tips and tricks lesson. If you have suggestions for lessons or suggestions at all that is what the comments, now called Addendum is for.
Also, there are many ways to label a set--that's not entirely important. If you don't think I accurately labeled your set in here as a type of a layout you don't identify with or w/e, I am sorry about that, but it's a rather objective subject so I'm sticking with my gut.
Please comment with more layout types or [largely occurring] subgenres [subgenres are not necessarily fashion style like 'grunge'--the layouts have to have relation in themselves.] if you have any I could not include.


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