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This can actually protect them, and let you be creative! use different patterns and colors & you can change it constantly because it peels right off.(: You can duct tape the top of your laptop, the back of your ipod, or even your camera. Be careful, make sure you don't cover any vents. When youre done, put clear packaging tape over it to prevent it from coming off.

O 2. Duct tape purse! I haven't tried this, but it looks cutteee:)

O 3. Duct tape bows.

O 4. Duct tape your headbands. just wrap the tape around it evenly until you get to the end.

O 5. school supplies! have any boring notebooks, pencils, or folders? Make them fun by using decorative duct tape:)

O 6. Flower pen

O 7. 
Wall stickers!
cut out cute patterns using stencils or hand drawn & stick them to your wall. here's a tutorial for a butterfly

O 8. Braided bracelet

O 9.Velcro pencil case
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