It had been seven months since your fiancé, Niall horan, proposed to you. It had also been nine months since you found out you were pregnant at your grandfather's birthday party and you were due any day. You and Niall were sitting on the setee looking at baby names and wedding cakes. "Hey hon, how about Tina Michelle if its a girl?" Niall asks looking at you. "Hmm, doesn't sound right. " you say as you rest your head in his lap. "I was thinking for our wedding cake it could be chocolate?" You ask as Niall keeps looking through the baby names book. "Babe, as much as I love food can we focus on the names for now? The baby is due any day now and we still don't have a name." Niall said bending down to give you a kiss. "Okay" you say. "So if it's a boy how about John johnny?" Niall asked trying to hold back his laughter. "No no no and no!" You say hitting him playfully. "We are definitely NOT naming our child that!" You say with a mortified face. All of a sudden a sharp pain seared through your body making you jump. "Honey, what's wrong?" Niall asks as you sit up. You quickly glance down at your trousers, they were wet. "Niall get the hospital bag, and get me to the hospital NOW!" You say as another contraction shoots through you. "You're going to be ok babe" Niall said grabbing the bag and escorting you to the car. 

Ten minutes later you were in hospital. "Niall, get a doctor your child is getting antsy!" You said through gritted teeth again putting up with the pain. The next thing you knew you were being wheeled into the delivery room surround by a medical team with your fiancé by your side. After what seemed like hours of pushing you bought your baby into the world. "What gender is it?" You as trying to sit up as a nurse holds you back. "You have a very healthy baby girl" the doctor says smiling handing you your baby girl. "Oh my goodness" you breath as you hold her. "Niall?" You look at your fiancé who is standing next to you. You hand him your baby. "Hi baby, I'm your daddy and that was your mummy. We both love you so much" you hear him say as he rocks her gently and plants a soft kiss on her forehead. "So what's the child's name?" The doctor asked. "Ella. " Niall said before you could get in a word. "Ella Maura horan." He said. "Done." The doctor said smiling before walking away to fill out some forms. "I hope you don't mind honey" Niall said handing Ella back to you. "Niall, it's perfect. " you say taking hold of Ella and reaching out to hold Niall's hand. You looked at Ella and thought 'a perfect name for a perfect little girl'.

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