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I was tagged by the amazing and talented @hatsgaloore for these random get to know you questions ! This is my first time been tagged in one of these.. so thank you my dear♥ 
If you are up for it and have the time, answer the 22 questions and tag everyone who's secrets you are dying to know!!! Tag me though so I can see your answers! If you don't want to play, that is absolutely fine. 

These are all my answers! Just copy and paste and substitute your answers. Yes, you have plenty of time. Who needs dinner anyways, right!! LOL

1.What do you want to be when you grow up? pediatrics nurse.. I love kids!
2.Ocean or mountain? ocean definitely! the ocean just calm me down! ohh i love it♥
3. City or country? Mix! i love how alive the city feels.. the vibrancy excites me!..but then every once in a while I need my quiet cozy place.. balance is key right!
4. Dogs or cats? Dogs for sure! I never liked cats, don't know why.. 
5.Name three personal heroes/heroines. I am impressed by people who overcome against all odds.. and people who live a life of service to others.
6.Name a book you are embarrassed to admit you have never read. Persuasion-- I rented it in the library.. and then returned it without reading it.. lol.. i didn't have time!
7. Do you fear the Zombie Apocalypse? Umm.. i find myself speechless all of a sudden.. lol
8.Name your favorite color (you may not say red, pink or blue). it's in the Orange family... i love salmon.
9.Do you have any thoughts on the meaning of life that you would like to share? I think when we spend all our lives chasing only after things like jobs, money, status and stuff like that life become so complicated and meaningless.. anyways.. simply put, we are eternal beings in a mortal training.. That shifts all focus away from worldly things..
10. If you were to set out on an adventure, what would it be? What would you need to take with you? I love adventures! zip lining, kayaking, rock climbing, hot air balloon rides, sight seeing.. u name it! anything adventurous excites me!.. as long as i have a good companion i'm all good!
11. What should your parents have named you that they didn't? i like my name! it fits i guess! 
12. Do you have a favorite artist and if so, who? …. Music or Art? love classical music.. Mozart, Beethoven..
13. Coffee or tea or neither? Neither.. i don't like tea and i don't drink coffee..Yes you can make it through the day without coffee!... just don't ask me how! lol
14. Last movie you saw in the theater? I'm always at the theater.. it's like my 3rd home away from home.. although i have been off lately.. silver lining playbook which got couple of awards.. 
15. What color are your eyes? Brown
16. Favorite guilty pleasure on TV? revenge, grey's anatomy.. are they even guilty pleasures.. hmm
17. Do you believe in soul mates? I do! I'm a true romantic! :)
18. Do you snore? No!.. that's my answer and i'm sticking to it lol
19. Is the glass half empty or half full? depends on what's in it.. i'm more of a realist..
20. Favorite vacation spot? Anywhere in the Caribbean.. i love beach vacations!
21. Are your nails painted and if so what color? No, my nails never last and so i rarely get them painted..
22. Some words of wisdom? Life is short, don't sweat the petty things and get busy enjoying the gift of life! 

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