just some things off the top of my head.
when people upload pictures but say there ugly, if you really thought that you wouldnt upload it.

when people yell out at the teacher, when clearly there are busy and cant help you like just wait.

when people stick gum on the bottom of the table

in movies when the people are running away from falling objects, like why no just side step it and u wont get hit...no need to try and out run it.

in movies when they just have like a convo before they get killed like you could have used that time to get away instead u were on for a chat. -_-

when people feed sea gulls when your eating like no im not done, dont make them fly at me.

when you go to a store and multiple people ask you "hey how you going today" "do you need any help with that" "looking for something inperticualr?" NO. NO. stop i have been asked by three other staff members i am fine.

idk if its just me bc i like diy but when people pay for stuff they could do themself...like the muscle cut tanks, um you can just snip it off a old top. or when people buy omg when people BUY shells from shops..like um go down the beach there like 134234 down there...no need to pay like 10.00 for three.

the dumb 'trends' that come in like hipster, chic, grunge ect and the dumb people who like chuck all there clothes out and buy new ones to fit in with the trend and then the next trend comes and they chuck everything out again..its like a cycle u get it.

truth or dare..especially dares. i hate dares like no dont bc they always end up stupid like eat dog food and crap like its just dumb.

those 'really' drunk people who really arent drunk at all....we know your faking just stop.

the duck face...i have no seen anyone look pretty doing the duck face..

using the 'in word' like YOLO or the wuote come at me bro...like just stop u never said it ever, and there was a reason bc its dumb.

send chain emails. my boss does this i get like 2+ a day bc she has no life and just sends crap.

the flirty laugh. its like a cackle..and no one can possibly be THAT funny in two words..no one

when people play music out lound in public places...like at school..if i wanted to hear thrift stop over and over again while i am waiting for the bus i would have asked u to play it. stop.

when people dont have the right shade foundation..its not that hard to get the right shade they have like a billion different ones...dont be a dorito.

when people are consumed with their other half wether it be a gf or bf. if i wanted to know every single detail about them and what they eat and how tall they are and how u stayed up till 3 in the morning talking about ants, i would have asked.

the fact that they sell chips at the movie like jesus those are the most loudest things to chew and ita annoying for everyone sitting near you.

when people upgrade their iphones even though they are in perfect working condition.

when you go food shopping and poeple touch all the fruit and veg. PICK UP ONCE PEICE. you dont need to feel every tomato and peach.

when people dont say excuse me when they are walking past or when they dont even move so you have to move out of their way all the time.

when someone says 'no offence but....' you know it would offend them bc your saying no offence..it will no doubt still upset them so dont even say anything..

yep thats just afew....i get so annoyed at poeple and i just want to yell at them some times.
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