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name: lennon tierney
age: 18
likes: nightlife, england, mdma, smoking, drawing, sex, loud music, coffee, spikes, men, passion, taking risks, thigh-high socks, her job
dislikes: north-englanders, conformity, illiterate people, frilly things, religion, chavs, authority, paparazzi, hypocrites, her job
power: immortality
poison: moonshine, mdma
music taste: set it off, nirvana, chiodos, all time low, foo fighters, you me at six, the story so far, imagine dragons, pierce the veil, man overboard, brand new
occupation: student at university of gloucestershire/model
personality: wild, manipulative, sardonic, deceitful, loud and in your face. people assume that with that angelic face, there’s a sweet girl inside lennon, but they couldn’t be more wrong. she’s manipulative and can be cruel to some. lennon has a bright personality, but take everything she says with a grain of salt – the sweet tone in her voice drips with sarcasm.
bio: lennon had a good childhood compared to most. she was the only child to two happily married parents. her mother was a model in her teens and early twenties, so she pushed lennon into the business as soon as she possibly could. the young girl quickly became one of the biggest child stars in london. she was on billboard and did the occasional tv advert. she had a sweet face with a matching personality and was loved by anyone that came in contact with her. when lennon turned 17, something inside her seemed to snap. she was no longer the nice girl that her parents raised and loved. yes, she looked the same with her golden blonde hair, bright eyes and beatific face, but on the inside, she was a completely different person. after being arrested the night of her 17th and landing herself in prison for 3 days, she was never the same. lennon entered the darker side of modeling. though she still wears the pretty, lace, girly dresses, when the photoshoot shuts down or the runway show is over, lennon will hit the back couches and drink, smoke, swallow and snort her life away. after a particularly bad overdosed, lennon died. however, by some miracle, she jolted awake 2 hours after legally being pronounced dead. no one knew how it was possible, but lennon wanted to find out. one night, she took as many drugs as she could get her hands on and chased it with a bottle of vodka. she tested her limits. some amount of time later, lennon woke up, feeling better than ever. after hearing about other mutations, she realized that she was affected too. no more chances of dying, no more aging –lennon is immortal.
biggest secret: the girl is extremely suicidal. that's where her first overdose came from. it wasn't an accident - lennon wanted to die.
family: graham tierney (dad, 45), charlotte tierney (mom, 41)
model: elsa hosk
taken by: @beautifuldestruction

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Well, I was born and raised in the heart of London. Mum was a model and got me into the business when I was 3 and that's been my job ever since. 
2. What is your opinion on the mutations?
I think they’re bloody fantastic.
3. What was your reaction when you first noticed your super powers?
I found it to be quite amazing, honestly, because I believe that after the amount of shit I've put in me, I'd be dead at this point. 
4. What do you think of your super power?
It’s wonderful. Helpful, definitely. No aging and no worries of accidentally killing myself.
5. Have you told anyone about them? Why or why not?
I've told almost everyone. I think it's brilliant. I'm a walking party trick.
6. What are you going to do with your abilities, use them for the good, the evil or just never use them?
Let them do what they do. I'm going to continue my life the way it is. Maybe be a bit more reckless.
7. If there was some possible ‘cure’ for your super powers, would you take it?
Not likely. Who in their right mind would want to get old?
8. How’s your school life?
Not bad, not extraordinary. I was fairly average throughout the years. I’m in uni now at Cardiff Metro and pulling average grades.

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