Dylan felt her phone vibrate in her Coach wristlet. She quickly checked the screen under the table while Mr. Myner droned on and on about some pointless geographical thing. It was from Kemp, "need 2 talk. meet me during lunch? bomb shelter?" Dylan grinned to herself. The bomb shelter used to belong her and the rest of the Pretty Committee. She silently typed back, "sure thing. &hearts" 
Meanwhile, Kemp was outside in the Tiffany jewelry box trailers learning about something that he wasn't paying attention to. He smiled as he received Dylan's message. He especially loved the heart. He prayed that after his surprise, she would forgive him. Kemp watched as Cam and Derrington both laughed happily; he was jealous that they both had girlfriends and were perfectly happy with their lives. Finally the teacher put down the dry erase board marker and shut his mouth. "Okay, boys, you can go to lunch now." Kemp was already gone.
Back in Dylan's room, the girls were gathering their books and meeting up with their separate cliques. Dylan made her way back to where Kristen, Claire, and Alicia sat. This was the only class that they didn't have with Massie. "Hey guys," Dylan said as she adjusted the ankle straps on her Louboutin Paquita sandals, "I'll be a little late to lunch, I have to talk to, uh, Vincent about the art project I missed last week." Dylan hoped they would buy it; she looked at Kristen and gave her a I-hope-you-know-what-I-mean-and-you-better-not-ruin-this-for-me look.
Kristen nodded her head and said, "Sure we'll tell her for you." Alicia and Claire both nodded.
"Great! See you in a few!" Dylan called over her shoulder; she was already half way out of the classroom and on her way to the bomb shelter. Dylan pulled up her strapless white silk dress as she ran down the hallway. Her multicolored bangles jingled and a stray piece of fiery red hair got its way out of her bobby pinned puff tied off with a pink lace ribbon. Her shoes clacked on the marble floors as she reached the bomb shelter door. She quickly looked to make sure no one was coming and opened the door and flew down the stairs as fast as she could. She finally reached the door that actually opened into the bomb shelter. She held her breath as she pulled the handle down and push. She was greeted by the smell of boy BO and dirty soccer cleats (the bomb shelter was the Tomahawks' new soccer meeting room). She instantly saw Kemp staring at her with his vibrant blue eyes. "Hey Kemp," Dylan said walking towards Kemp, "what's up?" 
He gave her a warm hug, "Nothin much. Just wanted to give you something. Close your eyes." Dylan did as she was told. Kemp stood behind her and put something cold around her neck. "Okay, open."
Dylan looked down; a heart shaped necklace rested in her cleavage. "Ehmagawd," Dylan turned and gave Kemp a huge hug, "Thanks so much. Why the necklace, why now?"
"Well," Kemp said letting go (Dylan wished he didn't), "I just wanted to show you that no matter if you go out with me or not, whether you forgive me or not, that you always have my heart." He smiled.
She kissed him quickly on the cheek and walked off.
"Is that a yes?" He called after her.
"We'll see Dylan said as she quietly tip-toed up the stairs and scurried to lunch.
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