"twooo ohhhh fiivee" I sang, clomping up the stairs waving and smiling to people on the way. Finally I got to my floor and hitching my bag over my shoulder I opened the door. 

Light streamed in from the huge window into a small dorm with a mini stove and fridge and some couches with two doors leading to the bedrooms, one for me, one for my roommate. Speaking of my roommate, where was she? 

I furrowed my eyebrows and advanced into the dorm. It was dusty and pretty plain. Just the right place for some major cleaning and decking out in epic things that were stuffed in my ratty leather suitcase. Some crazy flower and vanilla scented perfume, tons of collages, posters, crazy fridge magnets, and basically anything else but the kitchen sink which made its way into my suitcase. 

Breaking from my day dream, a boy walked out and noticed me standing there awkwardly with my massive trunk and ukelele over my shoulder. Wow, I'm a weird kid. But why was there a guy here? We locked eyes and just stood there. 

"Ummm... do I have the wrong room?" I asked. I suddenly didn't feel like totally crazy, wild, petite yet confident Brenna, more like a prepubescent child standing there rocking back and forth on my heels.

 The last time I checked I thought there was no co-ed dorming... well it'd be great if this were an exception- he was so cute! With gorgeous brown eyes and a tall lean build, he stood there wide-eyed looking at me. He finally noticed his staring and composed himself into that "cool-guy" manor again.

"Jaz... you're roommate?" He asked in a deep voice that made me melt into my military boots.

Suddenly there was a clutter of noises and a girl got up, "Hi, i"m Jazmy-" BANG. Her head hit the doorframe, "sh-t!" She mutterd, clutching her forehead. I gasped, dropped my stuff and hurried to her. 

"Are you alright?" I asked.

The hot guy laughed quietly to himself and started setting up some speakers. "She'll be fine," he said over his shoulder to me. I arched an eyebrow, unsure what to think.

"I'm Brenna," I smiled, "Please don't tell me that this happens all the time" I smiled, rolling my eyes.

"Oh, it does." The guy smirked and met my gaze. Jazmyn (I think that was her name, she started to say it before she crashed into the door) shot him a look but he wasn't looking at her - he was looking at me. 

"And that idiot, is my brother Trent," Jazmyn said. 

"Hey," he nodded his head in that 'guy nod'. "Good luck dealing with this girl. She cant be quite the schizophrenic sometime-"

"Shut it, Trent" Jazmyn said and turned to me, "Please... don't mind him. He's not serious. I swear."

I threw my head back and laughed then looked from Trent back to Jazmyn. I liked them - they're funny and cool. I always wished that I had siblings but Mom just had to stop at one. 

"Good to know... But I guess I won't know for sure until you start screaming about purple seamonkies in the room." I joked and Jazmyn laughed.

"I think we'll get along just fine." She smiled and I grinned. 

"Stereo's all set up," Trent said, "I'm gonna head back." I could feel my face fall a bit. He wasn't staying on campus? Leaving so soon? 

Jazmyn didn't seem to notice, "All right, thanks for helping me move in. Dinner with you and Logan on Friday?"

Trent was already at the door and looked back at her, "If you can drag him away from his fraternity that is." 


"Call me later, okay? Swing by the diner if you need anything."

Jazmyn nodded and he saluted us, locked eyes with me one more time as my heart started to warm up a bit, then disappeared. I stared longingly out the doorframe where he left for maybe a bit to long as Jazmyn nudged me, "Sounds like someone is thinking about getting at my brother..." She smirked, grabbing a suitcase. It's funny - they have the exact same ironic smirk, but nothing else looks the same.

I shook my head, "I don't know what you're talking about. I was just admiring the hallway." I replied innocently. Jazmyn cocked an eyebrow but didn't push any farther. She had a slight glint in her eye and I knew she was going to tease me about it later. 

"Maybe you can admire it on the way to getting some food, I'm starving."

"I hear the Café has some good bagels," I offered lamely. 

"Bagels, it is then!" She smiled and we skipped out the doorway. I have a feeling we're going to be a dynamic duo.

p.s. I still haven't decided to sign my name! I guess I'll just change it up a bit! Oh and I love Norah's nickname for me: Brenna Banana!
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