For my dear friend @melody-renfro-goldsberry, who contributes so much to my Poly experience.

Plus, finally answering her tag, as follows--

Please make a set and tell me 25 things about yourself. Tag 25 other people.
1. I was born in Cooperstown, New York, and consider myself a New Yorker, both up- and down-state, even though I've lived in several other places, including Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and North Carolina. Downstate is New York City, where I lived for many years.
2. Like Melody, I love the beach and swimming in the ocean. She surfs. I body surfed.
3. I worked first in academia, then went to law school. 
4. I had never thought of being a lawyer, but my experience as a union rep at a major university showed me that I liked to represent people and make their lives better by helping them get fairness and dignity at work. I became a labor lawyer.
4. If I hadn't been a labor lawyer, I would have liked to be a Constitutional lawyer. I love the Constitution and keep a copy on my desk.
5. My alternate career fantasy was to be a park ranger or to open a gift wrapping business. 
5. I have one son and a daughter-in-law. Thank heavens, they both have great jobs. And are getting to travel before they have kids. We all love national parks. Raising my son was a constant delight. I miss that closeness, but it is very cool to get to know both of them as adults.
6. I have two younger sisters and a younger brother. We and our kids are very close.
7. I have known the incredible bond of true, pure love. Death came to him before his time.
8. We both loved jazz and French pastry. We both loved the West and spent time in Oregon and Montana.
9. I think globally and get very frustrated by details.
10. I have been a writer all my life. My ability to make money in other fields had a lot to do with my ability to write.
11. I was a rebellious teenager.
12. As a child, I developed loves for art, ancient history, and the sea. I read a lot.
13. I majored in Ancient Greek in college.
14. I grew up with a swimming pool and love to swim and dive. 
15. I love cats and had a very special one named Ajax. Cats always know that I will pet them. Even the shyest cats come out of the woodwork.
16. I love baseball. The Yankees are my ancestral team, but I've since picked up the Orioles and the Phillies because of where I've lived. I'm a pretty good hitter.
17. I played the oboe in high school. I used to play the recorder until my sister borrowed it and lost it!
18. I survived sexual violence as a child and as an adult, stranger assaults. Anyone who says, "Get over it," has no clue how such invasions of self take apart the personality and the soul.
19. Once when I asked myself what possible good could come from such experiences, I answered, "Knowledge": knowledge to understand the dark side nobody else sees, knowledge to help others.
20. I am a certified r*pe crisis counselor. I have also been called upon the help victims of suicide and homicide. [PV won't let me use the R word. It makes the Poly-bot cry. Imagine how it made me feel!]
21. I am an optimist.
22. I am a political person. I try to change things. I am not an adapter!
23. I used to be extremely shy. I used to make myself express opinions to groups of three or more to get over it. Now I know how to get things done in the world.
24. My family means a lot to me. I keep in touch with the close friends from the places I've lived. Making friends on Polyvore has been an unexpected delight.
25. When I was working and being a parent, I didn't have a lot of time to draw or paint. I have been making up for lost time on Polyvore!

I'm not going to tag 25 people, because I don't want to hit the same people with tags, and I don't know who doesn't like tags. But I invite anyone who reads this to do the challenge. I'd like to know more about you! Don't forget to tag me with your new set!
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