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1.Would you consider yourself an emotional person?
Yes I would say so.

2.Name top three things or situations which would make you cry in three seconds.
- anything happens to my grandmother
- the titanic scene
- the tree in our garden gets cut off

3.Do you keep a lot of secrets?
No I have to talk with people about the most things but of course I have some.

4.Are you easily annoyed?
No because I am annoying too, but my brother can make me crazy.

5.Movie or a book? Why?
Book. They're always better and I love the feeling of holding a book and the smell of the paper.

6.If you had to choose, would you rather have agoraphobia or claustrophobia?
I think with claustrophobia it's easier to live.

7.Do you collect something? If yes, what?
No I don't collect anything.

8.Do you fall for the „bad guys“?
No I fall for the heartbreaking sweet lovely ones.

9.What was your biggest lie as a kid? The one which you just can't forget even if you wanted.
Funny, but I can't remember any lie, but if course I lied.

10.Do you have a childhood best friend with whom you lost contact?
Yes she became that kind of girl I really hate.

11.Do you have stage fright?
Yes I absolutely have when I have to play the violin.

Some questions to

1. Black or white chocolate?
2. When have you cried the last time?
3. Is there the one boy what you never talked to but he's nevertheless on your mind?
4. Do you like the smell of rain?
5. Have you ever talked to animals?
6. What's your favourite flower?
7. Do you always think about what you wear or do you sometimes just choose something comfortable?
8. Do you like to be alone?
9. Do you smile every day?
10. Where would you like to travel the most?

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