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*sorry i've been slacking lately guys!*
On with the tipp! 
--I know that some of these hairstyles look crazy-hard 2 do, but with this tip and some practice, you're golden!--

Style No. 1} Messy Bun
[I love this hairstyle for last-min rush days && days where I don't feel like trying lol]
O1- Comb or Brush out your hair with your fingers (we're going for "messy" bun)
O2- Flip your hair over, ya know, upside-down.
O3- Gather your hair in your hand like you're gonna put a ponytail in it,
O4- Twist the hair until is forms a "messy" bun. 
O5- Secure w/ bobby pins/ or hair tie.
O6- You can pull out some face framing pieces if you want!
Style No. 2} Sleek and Straight
[This style is so cute for school!]
O1- Apply your heat protectant && straighten you hair.
O2- Comb out & touch up straightness..
O3- Create a side part with a pen cap/ bobby pin.
O4- Gather the top section of where your bangs would be and pull them to the side. (like in the pic.)
O5- Bobby pin & lightly mist w/ hairspray.
Style No. 3} Running French Braid/ Pony
[Perf for sports!]
O1- Comb out or Brush out your hair.
O2- Tilt your head to the opposite side of the side you want the braid on.
O3- Begin to french braid towards the back of your head, to where you'd put a ponytail in.
O4- When you're done frenchbraiding, put in a hair tie and add+ (if u want) face framing pieces.
Style No. 4} SoCK BUn
[i absolutely love this for everywhere!]
O1- Comb your hair.
O2- Put in your ponytail where you want your bun.
O3- Get a rolled up sock donut thingy and put it in your hair by sliding your ponytail through the opening in the donut.
O4- *flip your hair upside down, it's easier* Pull the donut towards the ends of your ponytail and tuck the ends into the bottom of the sock.
O5- Tuck & Roll, Tuck & Roll until you get to the base of your ponytail.
O6- Secure w/ bobby pins.
Style No. 5} Braid ~CuRLs~
[Cute 4 schooll]
O1- *the night before* Take a shower & wash your locks ;)
O2- Braid your hair, either regular or fishtail if you know how, into 2 braids. **BRAID TIGHTLY**
O3- Sleep....☾☆
O4- *in the morning ☼* Hairspray your braids before you get dressed.
O5- Untie your braids, 1 at a time.
O6- Comb them out with your fingers for a easy && nautral look.
Style No. 6} Loose Fishtail
[Works best with looong hair]
O1- Comb out tangles.
O2- Separate into 2 sides.
O3- Alternate switching small pieces of hair between the 2 sides, until you get to the bottom.
O4- Secure w/ a clear invisible hair tie
O5- Loosen w/ fingertips.

That's it, girls! Comment!
@jdar09 : Did this tip help? Any questions? Don't be afraid to comment. :0)
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