What You Need:
1. A set of dine tipped sharpies.
2. The nail polish colors for which ever set you want to do.
Basic How To: 
1. Paint three layers onto your nail according to which set you are using.
2. Use the sharpies to put on the details. Do NOT put on a top coat.
So, most of these are pretty self explanatory. However, the ones that are not I will say how to do.
NOTE: For 2, I highly recommend using white nail polish because I don't know if the sharpie will bleed through to your nail.
1. Put on a base coat.
2. Paint three layers of red nail polish on your thumb, index finger, and ring finger. Let the nail polish dry between layers.
3. Put three layers of white on your middle finger and pinky finger. Let each layer dry before adding another. 
4. Draw three thick diagonal lines on your nail using the black sharpie. Try to make it look like the one in set one.
1. Paint three layers of white nail polish on each nail.
2. For each color, put one dot of a light version of the color and one version of the darker one. Put these dots all over the top half of the thumb, and end it like the one in set two. 
1. Paint the nails dark blue. Do three layers, making sure each one is dry before adding another. 
2. Put light blue lines on each nail, making sure that they are short on the outer parts and longer on the inner. Make them look like the ones in set 5. 
Hope you guys like it! If there are any specific ones you guys need help on, tag me in them I'm @midnight-lily and I will do the set for you! Thanks(:
Love, Izzy
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