It's Dani here {@obsidian-eyes} and I've been trialing a few things lately in order to comprise this list of quick, simple things you can do to lose a bit of weight. 
- Water: 
Drinking water helps you to break down fat more effectively and also boosts your metabolism. It will also help to flush toxins and chemicals out of your body which will reduce your weight slightly. 
TIP: place one litre of water in the fridge with five slices of lemon, five slices of lime, ten pieces of cucumber, and some fresh mint leaves in it. Leave the water overnight to cool, and then drink it. This will make you feel full and remove any waste products from your body more quickly!
- Exercise: 
Keep it simple here if you don't do much exercise. Overworking yourself can be just as bad as not working out at all. Unless you have a specific goal, take it easy. Start of with a short aerobics routine of 10-20 minutes, or the length of four of your favourite songs, and get going. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated during this process. 
TIP: Build a little routine for yourself. Mine is here is you want to try it out: 
- 20 Sit Ups
- 50 Star Jumps/Jumping Jacks
- 20 Burpees
- 10 Scissor Kicks
- 25 Squats
- 15 High Knees 
- Diet: 
Doing lots of exercise and then diving into the cookie jar won't help you lose any weight at all, so watch what you eat! I'm not going to recommend that you stop eating all sweets, chocolate, and other temptations. This will make you more likely to give up. Instead, work out where you consume the most calories. If it's the three cans of soda you have every day, cut it down to just two cans - or one if you think you can manage it. If it's that chocolate bar you eat at lunchtime, only have half of it, and eat the other half tomorrow. 
TIP: Make yourself work for your treats. If you really fancy some ice cream, for example, do an extra 20 sit ups. This way, you'll feel less guilty about getting an ice cream from the ice cream truck. Not only that, but you'll be less likely to gain weight from your treat - and you've worked for it. 
- No Starving!
This is a very serious one here. Do not starve yourself. If you feel like you should skip breakfast to lose weight, don't. You're more likely to gain weight by doing this as your body goes into "starvation mode" which causes it to store fat twice as much.
TIP: If you want to make yourself slimmer, don't skip breakfast, just change it. Go from eating lucky charms or cocoa pops to having a fruit salad or a natural yogurt. 
- Stress: 
There have been studies that link gaining weight to being stressed. So, if you are going to try to lose weight, don't stress out about it. Take it at a pace that's suitable for you, and don't expect results straight away! 
TIP: Take your weight before you begin to diet and write it down. Then, choose your ideal weight {be reasonable} and then how quickly you want to lose that weight. Do not try to lose lots of weight quickly! It won't work! For example, try to lose between four and six pounds in a month. This is achievable and you'll feel better when you manage to reach your goal. 
I really hope this helps! 
- Dani ♥ xo
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