Dawson Farrow; 22
Blog: Champagne pearls 
Model: Emma Watson

Dawson is the girl you can't put into something. She's the one who wears leather with pastel, pearls with studs and ripped jeans with a cashmere pullover. This is girl can fir everywhere. But all she wants is to do this. To be sure of herself and to know herself. By now, she doesn't. And that's not good for becoming the best...
Dawson's favourite label is Chanel. She worked at Vogue for a few months and she knows how fashion works. Her big passions are writing and photography, that's why she started a blog. 
Will she find the right place and become the girl she really is?

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I walked through New York, this great city. Stopping by some windows, I saw the people who lived here. Better: Who had a life. I, myself, just lived in NY. I was a nobody, someone others nearly don't notice. 
But with fashion, I could force them to look at me and to see me in the crowd. 

And I could see the others. Blogging was my way to get to know New York. The girl, who wears a dress she designed herself. The woman who just wears jeans but tries to create wonderful make-up. The man who loves to wear eye-catching colours with ties. The lady who dressed like she would visit a ball.
They were New York, each one.

I sighed. Had moving to New York been the right decision? Suddenly, I saw a girl who wore an adorable outfit. Definitely the right distraction. 

"Excuse me?" Someone placed his hand on my shoulder. 

"What?", I responded harshly. The girl was already behind the next corner.

"I'm sorry Miss, but I'm new to NY. Could you tell me where the MoMa is?" The person was a guy. He wore jeans, blue chucks and an old leather jacket over a grey sweater. Nothing special. Then I looked into his eyes. And it was the first time in my entire life that I forgot about a person's style. 

"The MoMa? I think it's over there...", I said, flashing a shy smile to him. "You know, I'm new, too."

"Oh, than I absolutely picked the right person", the guy laughed. "I'm Matthew and you are...?"

"Dawson. Nice to meet you."

"Wow, a great camera", he said, pointing towards the Nikon I played with.

"You're into photography?", I asked.

"Well, yes. That's why I want to visit the MoMa. There are snapshots by a photographer I adore." He paused. "Hey, would you like to come with me?"

I had to think about it. The girl was already too far away. But I needed my entry for today. You have to blog daily, otherwise you're faster out of the game then you can say "Vogue".
I looked at my own outfit. A wild mixture, as always. The nappa-leather jacket by Current/Elliott was pretty cool, but the pink, glittering dress by Arkendale looked very sweet. The black Chanel ballet flats with the pink ribbons combined the colours, but they seemed really girly. And the Marc Jacobs bag was classical. Even my make-up, long, black lashes, sparkling lipgloss and gothic nail polish fit in this mix. 

"Matthew? Could you please take a picture of me?", I asked and offered him my camera.

He looked at me in surprise, but then he took it and took a few photos.

"work it!", he called when I flew around in a circle so my dress swung around me. I blew him a shy kiss. Then I jumped into the air.

"Enough?", I gasped.

He looked at the display. "I think so. I dunno what you wanna do with this, but it looks great! I could watch you posing the whole day. You just... enjoy it. It doesn't seem like you notice the camera."

"Thanks. I think that's because I take so many photos of other people myself. I'm a fashion blogger", I said shyly. 

He asked me some things about my blog and before I noticed, we stood in front of the Moma. 
We spent a great day together looking at the stunning photos and talking the whole time. My best day in New York.

When I wanted to post, I couldn't write anything. My thoughts were with Matthew. But then, suddenly, something rushed over me and I wrote one of my best entries ever.
I wrote about New York and the way it made me feel. I knew what I wanted to tell my readers, it was like I really spoke to them. 
Good inspiration, I thought and smiled.

The next day, I started my computer and saw that I'd gotten more than thousand comments by one day. The people loved the outfit and the photos!

Central Park today? Need your help!, I texted Matthew. 

Can't wait, he answered.

An idea had formed in my head...


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love the dress and leggings combination!

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fab and chic!!

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Love the jacket!

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great style )))))))))

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So lovely!

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um, love that outfit!

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love this :-)

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