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1.what do you enjoy doing in the summer?
2.what is the best book that you have ever read?
OMG, impossible question, maybe White Nights
3.what kind of festival would you like to visit or do you usually visit?
heineken jammin festival
4.worst food you've ever eaten?
orange rice you want to visit ?
6.celebrity you want to meet?
7.what are your favourite music albums?
the dark side of the moon
8.what colors do you wear most?
blue, blue jeans...
9.what's your favourite quote?
10.describe your dream home
top floor of a skyscraper
11.if you could teleport, where would you go?

My questions:
1. what's your favourite movie?
2.what's your favourite subject?
3.which language do you like to take up?
4.what's your favourite name? you practise any sport?
6.what time do you wake up in the morning?
7.who is your ideal boyfriend?
8.what's your favourite city?
9.where do you like to be now? you read newspapers?
11.what's the nastiest question you could expect from this game?

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