ecstasy and death | Saya (Сая)

Saya was born Saya-Younger Khazhakova (Сая-Mладшая Хажакова) in K______ village in the far north of the country. Her family were part of an infamous cult, and between ages of 2 and 13 she was pretty much brainwashed. When she was a teenager, she was very rebellious and paid horribly for it. The HF24 virus hit when she was 17. The community was isolated and exclusive, so they survived for a bit longer than most big towns and cities, but eventually it swept through and everything went to hell. Saya came home to her mother smashing her father's head in with a lump hammer whilst he laughed and laughed. She escaped with her youngest siblings, Saya-Third (Сая-Tретья), Saya-Fourth (Сая-Четвертая) and Pyotr-Second (Петр-Второй). They stood and watched as K_____ burned, initially unsure what to do - and then, the cold burning at their cloth-clad feet, they turned and went South. During their journey, Saya cracked several times from the pressure of keeping all her siblings safe, her memories of the commune, and her changing identity. She became addicted to cigarettes and drugs, especially the new 'Otrava' drug which was being peddled by many survivors. Needless to say, it probably diminished her ability to protect her siblings in the face of the Гниение ("Gniyeniye" or "Putrefaction") or HF24 virus. Eventually Pyotr was infected, and in turn infected all his siblings. Saya had to lay them all out, and hacked off the arm Pyotr had scratched, in the hope she wouldn't be infected. Perhaps she had a natural defense against the virus, or maybe she was just quick to act, and lucky. In any case, after having killed her younger siblings, she found herself in a downward spiral.
She met Solomon "Sol" when she was 19, and together they went to S____ city. There she met the other members of her little group and fell emphatically in love with Sol. Eventually, things went to hell there too, and they had to move out. Whilst roaming through the ruins of civilisation, they initially thrived. For a surprisingly long time, everything was okay. Saya eventually had to stop her habit of dying her hair pink/purple/blue, allowing her natural blonde roots to grow out, but she still scored dye whenever she could. Equally, she went on the hunt for Otrava and Junk whenever she could, behind her fellows backs. She hadn't quite conquered that demon, yet. Still, things were good. And then Sol got bitten. To begin with, he seemed okay. Lyuba basically shot him on site, but when he didn't turn into a rabid beast, he seemed okay. Unfortunately, he -was- infected - it just didn't develop as quickly as most. He survived infected for several weeks, during which he mercifully doesn't seem to have infected any survivors, but does seem to have fathered a child with Saya. He eventually went mad, as they all do, but before reaching the aggressive phase, took a shotgun to his head.
The problem is, Saya is now carrying a child who is also certainly infected - and she may be too. Of the people she's told, Dima and Leila, the reaction doesn't seem good. She could be bearing the savior of mankind, or the abomination, the next phase in an already devastating virus which will doom them all. She's too scared to tell Lyubov', given the woman's decisive, hot-head nature.
Saya is stoic, slightly odd, neurotic, damaged, tormented, but very much fond of her new friends and was very much in love with Sol. She's prickly with a soft, gooey centre.

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