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  • Scarlet Letter Study Questions for Highschool Literature
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    Page graphics for Myspace, Tumblr, anywhere! Reblog it at Tumblr, use it at Myspace
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    Frankie is an Australian magazine with all the latest news, trends and events in fashion, travel, food, music, craft, art and more. Subscribe online today!
  • Gestalten - Books Detail: We Love Magazines
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  • Assouline Barbie
    Big-eyed, blonde, and beautiful, Barbie took over the world in 1959 with little more than a white-and-black striped bathing suit and a pair of high heels. Now, on her fiftieth anniversary as a cultural icon, Assouline presents a limited edition collector's volume on the world's most popular doll, encapsulating her history in vivid dioramas and in portraits of vintage dolls and accessories. Assembled using the traditional anglaise technique and color-tipped by hand on art-quality paper, each page of this book bears the unique imprint of the artisan. Limited edition. Arrives in linen presentation box. Hardcover. 128 pages, 69 illustrations. 15"W X 18"H X 3"D. Made in Italy.