Nicole Ferreiro, 18
Birthplace: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Likes: Getting what she wants, making friend (though she isn't very good at it) and gracing the covers of magazines. Modeling is her top focus and she's taken up photography though she doesn't have the patience to keep on pursuing it...until...
Dislikes: The word "No", being poor, her parents and being responsible. 
Bio: Nicole always gets what she wants, but never works for those things. Her parents give her everything. Her good looks and popularity get her many guys and friends. She was living a perfect life until her parents decided to send her to Madrid so she could start over. She got extremely mad, but her parents had already sent her bags to Spain. Before she left, she saw her father kissing another woman, so she figured going to Spain was better than she expected, because she can't keep secrets for too long. She's glad she escaped from drama. Now that she's here in Spain, the only thing she wants is to be on top. Is not going to be easy, since she is new here. She is trying to be nice to Miranda and Carolina, but she actually hates them. Will she be able to be a nice girl until she gets on top? We don't think so.
Romantic info: Single
Model:Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (sorry, I chose Rosie.)

Nicole Ferreiro
Luella Kerr 
Audrey Cooper

[Sorry no guy bio. Do I need one?]

Unpacking her bags, Nicole looks out her hotel window. She's used to seeing her hometown Sao Paulo, yet today her view is something else. She probably should be looking at the grand scenery and diverse nature in the beautiful Madrid outside the window. But that's not what she's seeing, since her eye for photography has had it's sight a tad obstructed. Nicole saw a clan of girls lounging outside of a nearby Starbucks. Unbeknown to her, those girls were Carolina and Miranda. She'd heard so much about the girls on Perez' gossip website.
Nicole longed to be friends with them, it's what she wanted. She knew being with them would shoot her social status to the top; exactly where it should be. But, how could Nicole even try to be the least bit kind? Nobody was ever kind to her (she doesn't count the people who gave her whatever she wanted), but that didn't mean being nice was something she was just born with. Nicole heaved a sigh and sat down on the white bed next to her huge suitcase
/I have to be on top, I just have to./ she thought to herself. Tengo que estar en la parte superior.
She had spoken Portuguese back in Brazil but demanded Spanish lessons from her mother and that's just what she got. She taught herself the language, it was almost like Portuguese though her heart didn't feel it. Nicole shrugged because she supposed that most of the "it girls" around here would speak English. Still thinking this,Nicole got a little nervous. She was afraid her accent might sound ignorant and foreign..."Oh well," she said, falling back on the bed and thinking about her future.
"I want to be a model," she told herself. " I was one in Brazil, why can't I be on one now in Madrid?"

Hours later, Nicole found herself laying on the floor, with Vogue magazine in her hand and a few under her head. Her left hand was holding a bottle of sparkling water and foot was jammed underneath the bed.
"Oof," Nicole laughed to herself, getting up. She grunted. "I still haven't unpacked yet!? Ugh! Living on my own is so stressful...why can't Mami just come and do my chores for me?"
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