Friday - We all know that Yasmin loves her liquor, so she's hosting a huge party at the nearest club, Luxe. Everyone is invited, so get ready for a wild night. Only the losers will stay on campus.

A party. Great. And Yasmin's: Even better. I just came because the girls begged me to. As you may have noticed, I'm not someone who really likes parties. But I didn't want to stay alone at the campus, too and so I joined them. 

I wished I wouldn't have come right when we stepped in. I saw Yasmin -and Ben. They were kissing like they'd never done anything different. 
The others didn't notice my expression. They started to gossip about this oh so cute couple while I walked straight to the bar.

"Vodka", I ordered, "and double it."

"Woah, don't start like that", Vera meant when she saw me drinking. 

"I thought you don't drink", Mariam said, pretty surprised. 

"As you see, I do", I answered harshly and took the next one. Suddenly, Joan and Ara appeared next to us. 

"Hello roomie", Joan greeted me. "Oh, drinking? Does that fit with your little psycho pills?", she smiled.


"Oh, I found some", she continued and raised an eyebrow. "They lay on your desk after your little nightmare."

"I always thought you were strange. But psycho?", Ara threw in and grinned.

"Is that true?", Zoelle wanted to know. 
I thought. A little piece of the truth wouldn't be wrong. These were my friends. 

"Yes, it is true that I take pills to calm down. /Sometimes/. A doctor gave them to me. I hate to take them, but I have to."

The others looked totally irritated. Then, Ro finally asked the most important question.

"Why do you take them?"

This was hard for me. I nearly started to cry again, but I managed to hold the tears back.

"Because...", I started, but then Joan interrupted me.
"Who's Rob? Your boyfriend?"

"I'M sure not anymore, he cheated on her. Don't you think so?", Ara meant.

"You're right, Joan. He was my boyfriend. Before he died."

I didn't know how the others reacted and I didn't really care, too. I guess some of them gasped. It was good that no one followed me so I could sit outside alone.

Until someone sat down beside me.

"Cigarette?", he asked.

F.uck, no! Go away! I don't need another Ketlar boy in my life. All of you are stupid and arrogant and rich...", my voice trailed off.

"Oh, then it's okay. I'm a Dreck guy. May I introduce myself? Jeremy", he said and looked at me. I bit my lip and let my hair fall into my face.

"Doesn't matter. I wanna be alone."

"Great, me too. We can be alone together, what do you think?"

I couldn't resist, I just had to smile.

"Boring,isn't it?", Jeremy said. I nodded.

"I'll leave", I mumbled and stood up.

"Hey, you didn't tell me your name", he meant.

"You don't need to know it", I answered and turned around.
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