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thinking of you // katy perry


Wednesday: Everything has been extremely dull and boring on campus, so to get a great party going the guys are having one in the woods with a bonfire, drinks, and their sexy bodies. It’s a great time to make a good impression on the guys instead of the Billing’s girls but don’t get too drunk. Shots of patron will be given, but so will b*tch slaps if you steal someone else’s man. There’s also going to be drugs. Try to keep your mouth shut so we don’t get caught.

I decided not to go to the party. 

I knew Carter Lacey was going to be there and I just couldn't live with the thought that the two of us weren't together. It was all perfectly imagined in my head, though. I decided I needed to let go of Carter, let the freshmen have him. I'll find someone else. I'm sure I will. I'll just look through Carter's profile to see who his friends are/were. I'm sure I'll find somebody else to stalk. 

Since I wasn't going to the party today, I settled down and tried to take the advice of the some of the other girls here at Easton. Jenni, a twin, had suggested I do pot to relax my nerves. Maybe I should? Coffee only seems to make me more nervous. Should I take her advice? I asked myself. When I'm in a dilemma, I like to try to get my mind off things. I chose today to work on my blog. It needed to be updated. 

I instantly regretted that I didn't go to the party, there would have been some rad outfits to take pictures of. Oh well. I blogged about my new Gucci fringed suede jacket and my Alice + Olivia linen-blend shorts. I hadn't been shopping in quite some time and now I feel like I'm having a shopping withdrawal. Why am I so addicted to things!? Stalking Carter Lacey, drinking coffee, blogging incessantly and always shopping.

I need to find myself a distraction.

Thursday: Easton is hosting it’s spring art show, and it’s a very formal event. They want the ladies in gowns and boys in tuxes. The Ivies will be there to scope out for possible people to recruit to their school. Making a good impression will be hard so don’t think things will come to you easy. There will be dancing and champagne, and little finger foods. So get ready to be bored. Or excited.

I arrived at the spring art show in a long, floral and beige ankle-length skirt and a loose-fitted chiffon blouse. I wasn't wearing a gown. So what? Weren't fashion rules/trends/requirements meant to be broken?

Someone interrupted my thoughts. "Why aren't you wearing a gown?" Juliet, my roommate asked.

"Why aren't /you/ wearing one?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't wear that stuff." she said smugly. "But I thought you would, you are girly and superficial, after all."

I ignored her comment and walked past her. The art show was definitely quiet and boring. Nothing seemed to be happening. No drama, little talking and zero drinking (it was a school event anyway). In this kind of atmosphere, it was perfect for stalking. Or people-watching, which sounds less threatening. 

I was pretending to stare a blob of orange-something (abstract art they call it?) but I was really watching everyone. . .I had seen Carter Lacey quite a few times. I didn't dare talk to him. Then I saw a few other guys, all taken by the Billings or the about-to-be Billings. I sighed as I thought that I had no chance with them [the guys]. 

With the long skirt I had on, the heat was getting to me. I grabbed an ice-cold water and roamed the art show alone. I hadn't exactly made any friends this year unless you count Mariam, but she was busy with her own other friends. The ice-cold water didn't much to make feel any cooler, temperature-wise. 

As I walking through the art show, staring at the boring pieces of portraits that people called art, a tall handsome somebody bumped into me. That handsome somebody happened to be Carter Lacey.

I could talk, I couldn't even speak. My voice was so high with shock and excitement that no words were coming out of my mouth. The cold water had spilled all over me, my blouse, and now I could my chiffon blouse was probably all wet and see-through. I quickly wrapped my matching scarf around me as I scooted out of the way. The place was crowded. 

"Whoa, I'm so sorry!" Carter said, scooting out of the way too. So many people were here--it didn't make sense, who would come to such a boring art show? Maybe it was mandatory to come? Who knows. 

I didn't say anything to him. I knew too much about him. How do you talk to someone you've been watching for the longest time ever and expect to just start a normal conversation with them? Shyness spread through me and I stared at his perfect face with a blank expression. 

Carter furrowed his eyebrows. "Uh, are you okay? I'm sorry for spilling that on you."

I suddenly looked down and noticed I still had my scarf covering my blouse, since it was see-through now. "Oh..." I managed to say dumbly.

For some reason my nerves got to me and I couldn't stand being next to Carter Lacey any more. I dropped my scarf and darted past him and raced to a bathroom. Once I was in, and safe, and far away from him, I sighed with relief. When I finally came out, with a drier-looking blouse, I noticed he was talking to someone else. I had made a fool out of myself in front of C-A-R-T-E-R. This was my chance, I could've talked to him! I could've told him I hate frozen yogurt too and that my grandmother also died when I was young and that my parents had also split up just recently and that I too, liked his type of music. I knew so much about him. And I had embarrassed my self. There was no way he'd ever look at me again. There was no way anyone would ever look at me again. I'm hopeless.

xx Ro

Sorry for the lame stories. Better ones coming soon, maybe some collabs. <3
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