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Friday: Report cards come out! That means we get a half day today, so we're all heading out to go shopping, and eat sushi. 

I received my report card, and was glad I had gotten yet another good grade. Sometimes coffee in the middle of the night really pays off. I was walking out of the halls (because school ended early today) when I caught Chase. I actually caught him. With. Another girl. Another. /Girl/. Through my blue eyes, I saw him by the water fountain, talking to a girl for a long time. They looked sad at first (what could they be talking about that was so sad? That maybe I'd find out he's cheating?) but then they were all smiles and then they hugged and embraced and he ruffled her blonde hair and it was all so... sickening. That was it. 

I marched right up to him and stood there, with my foot tapping the floor and my arms crossed. Instead of a "caught-red-handed" look on Chase's face, I saw a broad smile, his usual, genuine perfect smile. So he was /happy/ I caught him and the "other woman"? 

I glared at the blonde. "Hi," I side-hugged Chase, staring at her. "I'm Ro--" and the blonde didn't even let me finish.

"Oh, so you must be Chase's girlfriend, right?" she smiled, looking so pleased to meet me. "I'm Lily."

Lily. Huh. 

"Lily Beauregard." she played with her hair. "Chase had told me /so/ much about you.."

Wait. Rewind. "You're Lily /Beauregard/?" Was Chase cheating on me for his... /relative/? 

She nodded, her perfect blonde hair flying up and down. "Yeah, why?"

I backed a way an inch. "Oh, nothing." I turned to Chase. "Is she your cousin..?"

"Lily's my half-sister. Same dad. She's moving to Easton. I can't believe I forgot to tell you." 

Oh. She's his /sister/. 

"You came when Ro and everyone all went to St. Barts, right?" he asked Lily and she nodded. 

Suddenly, Lily said, "It was nice /meeting/ you, /Ro/, we should get some lunch together or something sometime. I have to go... I have a date tonight and I haven't chosen any clothes yet!"

"You do plan on wearing clothes, right?" I blurted, and then covered my mouth. What was wrong with me? I was still taking it all in. 

She laughed. "Oh, Chase was right. You /are/ funny! Maybe I'll check out 'Roman Style' when I get home. It's this blog where this girl posts style advice and fashion updates... anyway--"

"That girl is me." I smiled, slowy trying to get used to her. I was secretly flattered she was a follower of my blog.

"Wait, you /own/ Roman Style? Wait... oh, it's all making sense! Hahahaha..." she burst out laughing in an obnoxious laugh. "That is so cool. Well, catch you later. Gotta run!"

When she was finally gone, Chase turned to me. "You never told me you had a blog."

"You never told me you had a sister."

"I didn't think it mattered... anyways, she's only my half-sister and she is way too annoying, I can't believe she's coming to Easton."


"I guess." he nodded. "Why, what's the matter, you look shocked or something."

I sighed, happily relieved. "I'm fine.. I just thought Lily... oh, never mind.." I hugged him and then I left.

After shopping, the girls and I went to get sushi. I passed on the seafood and was ordering a drink... when...

"I know," I heard Mari's voice. "They're trying to act all nonchalant about it. To me, that just makes them more suspicious."
"Who's suspicious?" I shimmied my way between Clio and Mari.

That's when Clio told me about the other Billings (Yas, Noora, Bijou and Ara) and they might be the murderers of Caroline. It didn't make sense to me, why would they do that? Don't they have other things to do? If not, it must've been Yas or Noora, the evil ones. Eventually, the conversation changed into grades and our report cards. I was informed that the "Billings" had special privileges and they got automatic 3.5 GPAs along with their good grades.

So not fair. But I tried not to show my emotion but then Oceane joined us. At least I got an actual good grade, one I worked hard for. I was about to start telling Mari and Oceane about my day with Chase and Lily when we looked over at the Billings girls. Bijou was crying. 

What now?

xx Ro 
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