Wednesday: Turns out the recent death of Easton student Caroline was not a drug overdose. Detectives suspect foul play but we were all gone all week. They want to question us in the dinning hall today and there will be refreshments. Since there is a murder mystery going around Head Master Crom has forbid us from leaving campus without an administrator and will be having a meeting later on in the day with us.

All of us where still shocked by Caroline's death. Well, the worst thing was that it had been a murder. I didn't think that Caroline was the important point in here because some girls, like me, didn't even really know her and others, like Vi, hated her and called her a b.itch. But the point was that one of us was dead and that the murder was still free. Who was it?

I'd spent every day since we came back with Jeremy. It wasn't that easy for me. All the police and the whole situation reminded me of the last year and I got into a depressive mood which showed up in my way of style, too. Jeremy had a hard time dealing with me and my friends had it as well. 

"Oceane, what's up with you?", Ro asked when we were alone in our room. Mari wanted to show up for a short talk and we waited for her. 

"This... murder... it's quiet hard to deal with it, no?", I answered.

"Well, you didn't know her any better than we did, Oceane. She wasn't your best friend or something like that. And you're so down, though. Why?", she went on and watched me.

"It's nothing", I sighed and in this moment, Mari opened the door and we started a conversation about the past few days. How we weren't allowed to leave the campus and things like that. And of course we speculated. The murder couldn't be one of us girls because all of us had been gone. 

"What if it was... one of the boys?", Mari asked and swallowed. 

"I can't believe that one of them would be able to murder. None of us is!", Ro said and ended the conversation with this. 

The other two wanted to go to the park, but I was on my way to meet Jeremy again. Ro and Mari had left and I was all alone in the room. I dressed up and wanted to borrow one of Ro's rings which she had allowed to me. When I searched for it, I found her pills against her mood issues. I looked at them. They didn't seem that bad and maybe they would help me, too. It said that you were allowed to take one or two and I took two at once. The more the better. Suddenly I felt great. Everything was light like a fluffy cloud and it felt like I was flying. I smiled. This was much better.

When I arrived at the Dreck's dorm, I directly walked into Jeremy's room. He was sitting at his desk and didn't notice my income. 

"Hey you", I purred and he threw himself around. I walked towards him, a smile playing on my lips.

"Hello", he grinned and kissed me as a welcome. When he wanted to pull away, I pushed myself closer towards him. Then I tried to open his belt.

"Woah!", he laughed and took my hands. "What's up?"

"I /want/ you, Jeremy. Now", I explained and kissed him harder. Wow, these pills were good. They made ms so much braver.

"Oceane, I thought we wanted to wait", he mumbled under my kiss. I shook my head and pushed him towards his bed. 

"We don't have enough time before we have to arrive in the hall", he tried to stop me again, but I felt that he didn't really want me to stop.

"Just a short", I kissed him again, "quickie."

Now he nearly jumped off. "What?", he asked. 

"You understood em, Jeremy. Let's do it now. I don't wanna wait. You already slept with Hayden, right? Well, I want you to forget her, really forget her", I said. Simultaneously, I asked myself why these words came out of my mouth.

"This is the reason why?", he asked coldly and stood up. He walked as far away as possible.

"You think that I didn't forget her?", Jeremy wanted to know again.

I shrugged. "Well, yes. I can make you forget her. I can do things...", I smiled again, but I noticed that he wasn't willed to listen to that.

"Oceane, you're in a strange mood. It would be better if you go. Now", he meant and opened the door. 

I looked at him, quiet confused. Then I grabbed my clothes and walked out of the door without saying anything else. 

The meeting didn't matter to me. I wanted to live now, to feel good. I didn't want to be reminded of everything which had happened, so I sneaked out and went to a bar. I sat down and ordered a vodka. 

"I like girls who drink the hard stuff", the guy next to me whispered into my ear. 

"I know things which are way harder. Or can be", I answered and smile spread across his face. 

"Wanna see what I mean?", I asked and he nodded. "Then wait till I'm ready."

I order three more drinks. And then, everything got dark.
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