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Oceane Voss, 16
Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts
Social Status: Indecisive on her social status. She doesn’t know where she belongs in the Easton food chain
Grade: Sophomore
Bio: Oceane is here on academic scholarship, the girl is a genius in class but she’s not a genius when it comes to knowing who to hang and mess with. When Oceane first got here she didn’t know who to hang with so she hung with the druggies and party goers and got into the wrong things and almost faced expulsion, not something she wanted on her record so now Oceane works hard and that’s a good skill the Billing’s girls are looking for. Oceane is great at keeping secrets 
Model: Myf Shepherd

"Hey, can't you watch out?!", an older girl shouted at me. Her latte macchiato regorged over my new blouse. It had been really expensive, I'd never worn something like it before. I just couldn't pay for something like this. What I wanted at Easton then? Well, I didn't know. I didn't fit in. The only reason why I was here was my intelligence. Great. All of the other girls had money, but I was here on a scholarship. 

"I'm sorry", I mumbled and tried to clean the blouse with a handkerchief. Instead of getting better, the spot got even bigger.

"You know what to do, right?", the girl said. "Keep /out/. Don't stand in our way."

"I... I know", I responded, covering my face with my hair.

"Wow, that's pathetic", she meant and walked away, her hair shimmering in the sun. 

I sighed. Yes, I was pathetic, I knew. 
There had been another time when I used to be different. I hung out with a bunch of older people. All of them drank and smoke, some of them took drugs. I guess this was my rebel phase, because I tried to be like them. They made me do things I'd never did before. And they forced me to steal what they didn't want to take themselves, it was too dangerous. But I did it. Such a victim. 

One day I got caught. I nearly got expelled from Easton. Meaning I'd have had to go back to my old life in Massachusetts. I promised to behave better and they gave me another chance because -truth be told- they needed me here. I was one of the most intelligent girls on here.
 So I tried my best to be the quit, boring, little, mousy girl nobody was interested in and nobody would notice. The only problem which I had now: I didn't have any friends here. And I had a secret to keep. A big one. /Nobody/ should find out about it. Otherwise this would destroy me and my future.

It seemed like all of the others had forgot about my past and I was extremely confident with this. Whenever something like the macchiato thing happened, I felt relief. I wasn't important to them so they'd never try to find out what I wanted to keep to myself. 

It seemed like this was my destiny: Being boring and a nerd or being a rebel loosing everything. Great choice...

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1. Oceana
2. Oceana
3. Oceana
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4. Carson
5. Gretchen
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