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Tuesday: Today we're getting a break because teacher's are grading papers and getting ready to make final exams for us so we'll be able to go on a late Easter egg hunt. Call it tacky if you want but you get free candy. Dress code: Pastels. Afterwards we're dressing up in our pearls and cute dresses for tea and biscuits. 

"This is boring as hell", Mari mumbled and sipped her drink. "No good music, the guys seem away and.."

"No drama", Vera continued and grinned. 

"I'm not sure", I mumbled and looked down to the floor. Yasmine arrived.

"Hey, b.itch", she meant and looked at me. "Didn't you find a girl's boyfriend who you could steal."

"I had him before you!", I answered and tried to turn away. She grabbed my arm so I couldn't move. 

"I've got something for you", Yas said with an evil smile. I raised my eyebrows, but instead of going on, she pointed towards my dress. "How can you afford this?"

"Friends", I simply said. "It's borrowed."

"Let me guess... it's Mari's?", Yas wanted to know. Then she shrugged and drank a little sip. Suddenly, she made fast move and the glass fell down, not before the drink covering the dress. 

"Oh, I'm so sorry! This was my fault!", Yasmine grinned.

"What the hell...?!", Mari screamed and took a step towards Yas.

"You want to be in Billing's, remember?", Yas whispered and went away. 
I still stood there like paralyzed and watched Mari.

"I'm so sorry", I said and took her hand. 

"I have to... this is... well, this is what it's all about, right?", Mari sighed and walked away. 

I wanted to follow her, but Vera stopped me. "Oceane, wait. Let her be alone."
I nodded and walked into the other direction. I reached a tree and sat down. This was too much for me. Yasmin could be mean to me, but not to my friends. And what I'd seen in Mari's eyes... I shivered. 

Then I heard a giggle nearby. I looked to the left and saw - Jeremy and Hayden! Kissing, of course. Of course? This couldn't be true! I shook my head in disbelief. How stupid I'd been! While watching them, I noticed ho jealous I was. I'd never been that much jealous about Ben and Yas. And with Rob, I never had a reason to be. But with Jeremy, it was different. Seeing him with this girl broke my heart. It was the perfect ending for a terrible day.
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