EE. Yasmin Rosalie.

Yasmin Rosalie, 17
Hometown: Manhattan, New York
Social Status: A shark on top of the food chain. Beware.
Grade: Junior
Bio: Once Yasmin’s Prada stiletto hit the pavement floor of Easton, she was immediately asked to join the Billing’s house. And how could she not be? Yasmin has to be the most glamorous and high maintenance girl on campus. Well, she is a famous model, with connections in every place imaginable. However, that comes with pressure, so it’s not a surprise Yasmin has an alcohol problem. Most of the students on campus would call Yasmin shallow, and bratty, but what do you expect from a girl like this? She is also hiding a secret that none of the other Easton girls know about. She’s dating one of those retched dreck guys. Scandal, much?
Model: Marloes Horst
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