After days of endless searching around the crowded, winding streets of London, Avery and Kleo (@slyther-claw) had come no closer to finding any clues on the whereabouts of Hades children.
When finally, they seemed to have found a lead, it turns out to be falsely planted, a trap set by the Fates.
Unexpectedly, the Kindly Ones capture them, holding them prisoner and begin flying off into the sunset, holding their struggling captives with their razor-edged talons and causing excruciating surges of pain to rush through our heroes, somewhat, weak bodies, in the presence of these monsters.
Just when they thought things couldn't get any worse, the faint outline of the Hollywood sign became visible in the distance. The entrance to the Underworld.
It seemed, that their nightmares had only just begun.

Not really happy with this set, but published it so I could enter the comp :3
And I sorta rushed the story a bit too! @iheartny33 I hope this is fine!! :L
Have y'all been watching the Olympics?!? The opening ceremony was fudging awesome, if I do say so myself:) Australia is doing horribly!! But the USA, I mean, woah! And in gymnastics!! Double woah!

Hehehe, byee!
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