***this is completely made up and just for fun. I started making sets and decided to do a collection for the character made for EHPC, so please just go with it :) there's no harm in pretending***
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☠ Character Name: Lyssa Victoria Black

☠ Background: Lyssa is a Pureblood and has been a student at Hogwarts since she was eleven. The Sorting Hat placed her in Hufflepuff like her mother.
Her favourite subjects are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Care for Magical Creatures.
She is currently in her 6th year and is fond of 'The Golden Trio'. Although Lyssa is a year above them, she supports Harry and is a member of Dumbledore's Army.
She usually follows the rules, although has had detention a few times, not for anything major, just for harmlessly messing around every now and then - usually with Fred and George.
(Except for when Umbridge was Headmistress, and was punished severely for being a D.A member).

☠ Personality: Lyssa is everything a Hufflepuff should be, loyal, hard working, stubborn and a very good friend. She is a little braver than some of her peers, possibly because of her father's Gryffindor side.
Lyssa is highly intelligent, and loves to ponder and ask questions. When not enjoying the company of her friends she can be found in the library studying.
Her nature is tranquil and friendly, she is an understanding character and isn't quick to judge others. Lyssa usually gives people a chance to explain before coming to conclusions.
Nevertheless she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even if it means a quarrel or a fight.
☠ House: Hufflepuff
☠ Year: 6

☠ Pet: Tortoiseshell kitten named Levi
☠ Wand: Burnished Brown Ebony Wood with Dragon Heartstring Core

☠ Animagi: German Shepard
☠ Patronus: Cat

☠ Favourite Teachers: Professor Lupin, Hagrid, Professor Moody

☠ Favourite Classes: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures

☠ Favouite Spells: Incendio, Bombarda, Stupefy, Expulso, Nox, Protego, Vulnera Sanentur
☠ Activities: Cheerleader for Hufflepuff Quidditch team but is determined to get onto the team and play against her twin brother (currently Chaser for Gryffindor). She wants to be a Beater as she has good co-ordination and flight skills. Added bonus, actually likes hitting things.
☠ Best Friends: Gryffindors; Fred & George Weasley, Oliver Wood, Katie Bell and fellow Hufflepuffs; Susan Bones and Cedric Diggory and her twin brother, Marcus Black.

☠ Boyfriend: Lyssa has been dating Oliver Wood for nearly three years :3
☠ Family: Both of her parents attended Hogwarts, her mother was in Hufflepuff and her father was in Gryffindor. Her mother was a good friend of Lily Evans and Remus Lupin. Her mother (Eva Morgan) married her father (Sirius Black) and had Lyssa and her twin brother Marcus.

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Wrote two months ago
Finally another Hufflepuff!!

Wrote three years ago
An amazing collection. Love it!!! <3


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