Age: 14
HP Year: 3

“I’ve got an idea!” Gwen shouted as she grabbed Lark's hand.

"What?" Lark said, wiping the rain away from her face, a useless gesture as it was pouring. Thunder boomed above their heads.

“No time to explain," Gwen said and got up, "I’ve got to get down there, Wood’s just called a time-out. I’ll tell you later.” 

Lark watched as Gwen shoved her way past people in the stands. 


Gwen almost tripped over Hermione Granger in her excitement on the stairs.

"What are you doing?" Hermione asked irritably.

"I, uhm, I'm going to fix Harry's glasses," she said, matter of factly.

"No you're not," the drenched Hermione said, "I'm going to."

"Please," Gwen whined, "Please please please..." she continued until she annoyed Hermione enough.

"Fine! Bloody hell," Hermione huffed and moved out of the way.

Gwen shot past her with another remark, "You're a bit young for that language!"

She sprinted into the rain and spotted the team huddled under a large umbrella. Wood looked angry. She strode through the tent, heading straight for Harry.

“I’ve got no chance with these on,” Harry was saying, waving his glasses around.

“That! Is why I am here, give me your glasses,” Gwen, said before anyone had even noticed she was there. Everyone was quiet as Harry handed them over to her. She poked her wand at them and murmured, “Impervius.” 

Harry looked at her and took back his glasses, placing them on his nose. It was still quiet, so clearly she had to explain, "Now they’ll repel water.”

Wood just stared at her, an idiotic grin on his face. She raised her eyebrow, becoming a bit embarrassed. He came towards her, hands outstretched and cupped her face in them. 

“I love you.” he said, still grinning. She smiled. Then, he kissed her.

He let go after a couple of seconds, droppinh his hands. Then he simply walked out. The rest of the team followed, leaving her to stand there with joy and surprise. 

Fred and George were saying to Wood, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Why not?” he asked, beaming.

“Because now she’ll have that sappy look for the rest of the day.” said George. 

They all turned to look at her. Her body was rigid and her head was cocked to the side. She had a look of complete adoration about her. The whistle to signal the end of the break shrieked and she jumped.

Wood shrugged, “Ah well, it didn't kill her,” then he flew up into the air.
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