Aria: I can't believe then when I have my C-Section next week they we're going to be parents. It's been a crazy year.

Ezra: I know right? But things have finally started to settle down so we can get realy for our babies. I can't wait to see them.

Aria:I'm ready for them to be here already. You have no idea how uncomfortable I am. 

Ezra: I"m sorry, but can you stand just one more week?

Aria: If that means our children will be alright then you know that i have to say yes.

*Later That day with Hanna*

Hanna: OMG I can't wait for your babies to come! They are going to be ADORABLE! Then I'm also ready for my little girl to be here. I'm so tired of being huge.

Aria: I'm reafy for my kids to be here too. I'm WAY bigger then you'll ever be and you have no idea how uncomfortable I am. I am so ready for it to be next week already. I don't think I can take too much more of this. 

Hanna: And to think nine months ago you were trying to get pregnant.

Aria: Yeah, for the baby, not the uncomfortableness of pregnancy.

Hanna; Well it's not too much longer now and you're gonna be a Momma and I'm gonna be an Auntie.

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