For some lovely polyfriends, @y0urangel @ffpava @crazy-daisy1 @ashley-rebecca @misssophie @littlelaura @helena2005lm @green-jello Thank you all so much for all the amazing support you've given me! I'm so happy to have met such amazing people like you on Polyvore :)

Ok, you guys can all guess what's coming, yup, my Official Review of The Hunger Games :D

So I went it to see it on Friday (:D) and because we booked super early, we got upgraded to premium seats for free (double :D) Lol, it's the little things that please me!

But anyway, as expected, the movie was AMAZING!! I loved it so so much! All the characters were perfect, especially the secondary characters like Seneca, President Snow, Effie, Cato, Cinna etc. And wow, Jennifer Lawrence was SO perfect as Katniss in every way. Peeta just made me laugh to be honest, he constantly had this look on his face that had us all giggling like crazy in the cinema :)

Obviously there could've been improvements. I think the beginning was a bit slow and the actual Hunger Games was a bit rushed. Also a lot of key things from the book were skipped, I understand why, but still I felt like things were missing. Oh and they totally got rid of Madge's character which was a bit sad :( I like Madge. Oh and unfortunately, the dress on fire was a bit of a disappointment. I think we all expected it to be better

The Capitol was perfect. Like honestly, just perfect. Everything was better than I imagined, the people were outlandishly crazily dressed, the training rooms were so awesome and Seneca Crane's beard was AMAZING!!! He was probably my favourite character, just because of the beard :D And how they had the room where you could see the Gamemakers controlling the games, GENIUS! It was all so high tech and shiny, once again, it was perfect! Oh and I really loved how they had the uprisings in District 11, it sort of plants a seed for what happens in the next books (I hope I didn't just give something away to people who haven't read the books!!)

Ok, I think that's about it :) What did you think, tell me in the comments below! And I hope everyone has an awesome week!
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