Yeah I know I never mentioned it before for some reason, but me and my younger sister actually make sets together. (That should be my younger sister and I, but ya know, I’m at my rebellious stage ;) ) So yeah I (Maleeha) originally made this account and then my sister (Fareeha) saw and was like cool so we started making sets together. I (Maleeha) do all the talking and story reading and likes comments blah, my sister just helps make sets and judge contests. I hope that was clear. I bet it wasn’t.

Also once again, I'm hiding Where's Wally characters. So see if you can find Walda in the set somewhere :D

I was tagged by the lovely @wiktorias-secret in the gorgeous set
1. Use one item from this set and make a set all in shades of blue!
2. Then tag 10 people.

This set is for:
@adrianamezza – Thank you so much for your gorgeous gift, I love your support and comments and your sets are really inspiring :) 
@distance – Your gift was amazing and really made me happy :) Your support really means a lot to me! I hope to get to know you better and become better friends! :)
@k-hearts-a – Girl, your sets always make me smile. They’re so bright and gorgeous and I’m so happy to have met you! Your gift was beautiful and I loved it so much! 
@tell-me-more – Well, it’s obvious really isn’t it? You are one of the awesomest people I have met on here. Dude, your stories are friggin awesome and I love your sets. You always remember me in your tags and have great style. I don’t know what else to say really so Ima just add a whole lot of smiles :D :D :D :D
@mystic-queen – Whenever you visit my page, you always leave the nicest comments that always make me happy :D Thank you so much for the gift you gave me, I loved it :) Your page is always so beautiful and inspiring. Your an awesome person that I met on an awesome place :D

Also I’m trying to beat @ashley-rebecca for the weirdest blog. I came across this today I have no idea. Honestly. All I can say is that I love dinosaurs. Like honestly, living in the Flinstones age with the dinosaurs would be THE EPICEST THING EVER.

Oh and happy May everybody. Yeah I know like I’m a day late and all but still :D
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