OMG MY FIRST TOP SET!! Thank you so much @polyvore !!!!!!!

SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME, what is this Mexican mayonnaise holiday that everyone's on about???
(EDIT: Oh ok, Cinco de Mayo, I see now. Well I think Mayonnaise festival would be 10 time better. Just saying.)

So I always have loads to say, but I can never make sets in time and by the time I do make a set, I have forgotten everything. Le sigh. Here are a few things I do remember. Friday was Star Wars day so belated Happy Star Wars Day to all Star Wars fans. Also yesterday was Revenge of the Fifth, which makes me laugh more that May the Fourth. I’m not even sure if anyone is getting all my retarded Star Wars jokes :/ Oh and I had like a mid-life crisis. It was intense. DON’T YOU DARE LAUGH @tell-me-more. Details down below.

But first, this set is for:
@liv-xoxo My newest Polyfriend. HI :D You’re awesome. Hope you like this!
@mandymink Thank you so much for the set you made me. I really appreciate it :D
@sirius-black Dude you make awesome sets. Thank you for the gift, hope you like mine :)
@tell-me-more Coz you're a mean person who doesn't deserve this ;)

Oh and this time it’s the wizard hiding somewhere in this set. I made it harder this time... or well at least I think I did. Also does anybody actually find the Where’s Wally characters or am I just humouring myself?

Ok so on to the ‘Harry Potter Mid-life Crisis’. So I finally went and made a Pottermore account. Yeah, yeah I know, but it was just ‘one of those things’ that I HAD to do. All I really wanted to know was what house I got into. So I like skipped everything and eventually got to the Sorting Hat. I was SO sure I’d get into Slytherin because like evil is in my blood. I always find The Dark Side more appealing than all the other sides ahaha. So I was like HELL YEAH SLYTHERIN HERE I COME. And then BAM I get put into Ravenclaw.
No ok. Just no. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE *flails dramatically* And drama fast forwarded I am now majorly depressed coz I am in Ravenclaw. So I was like ‘hey look on the bright side’ and researched Ravenclaw and I found out that I am in the same house as Moaning Myrtle. Wow. Yup. Real good pick me up. But whatever. I officially refuse to acknowledge anything Pottermore related.
And that guys, sums up my current mid-life crisis. *Epic credits scene*

Oh and once again I’m trying to beat @ashley-rebecca Guys look at this It’s the most joke ass tumblr. The dinosaur with and the Zara cracks me up everytime. EVERYTIME.

Oooh Bank Holiday tomorrow. Lalalalala :D :D :D Hope y’all have a good week while I’m in bed ;P

Finally, just making it clear, my page is only accessible to delocalised electrons. Only one person will get the joke, and when she does she will realise that it’s time to stop stalking and go do some Physics homework or something. :D
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