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Call Me, Maybe
by Lyla Collins

"If you work as hard as you're staring at your phone screen right now, we would already have world peace," Angie scoffed sarcastically as she tossed her leather jacket onto the couch. It landed right onto my lap and I somehow found comfort wrapping my arms around it.

"Stop mobbing and just give in already."

I threw her a cold stare before placing my cellphone aside. I hadn't noticed how long I'd been staring at it till Angie walked in. I didn't even realized she had left in the first place.

"I can't believe Nate still hasn't called me yet," I sighed as Angie joined next to me with an opened can of beer. I stared at it temptingly but brushed off the thought of getting drunk so early in the day.

Angie, on the other hand, took a gulp off the can before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. This girl amazes me by how well she could tolerate alcohol - believe it or not, she had never, like ever, passed out drunk. At least not that I'd seen since we knew each other.

"Are you two officially taking breaks?" she asked, grabbing the TV remote. I stared at the TV screen, showing an episode of Modern Family. The TV was on mute, and neither of us made a point to turn up the volume.

Miss Meowy suddenly crept up between my legs before jumping onto the couch, snuggling up between Angie and I. She purred gently as I stroked her ears. 

"It's not really official," I finally answered. "We're just going through a rough patch right now. I'm sure he'll ring me up once he realizes what a big mistake he'd made when he said those words to me last week. You know guys and their egos..."

"I know Lyla and /her/ ego," Angie muttered under the breath, but I heard it and smacked a cushion into her. An amused smile finally lit across her face as she threw the cushion back at me. "Whatever between you two. Relationships are such complicated things that I do not want to interfere in. Just don't come running to me again if he doesn't call you next week."

She stood up, causing Miss Meowy to jump, and disappeared into the kitchen. Meanwhile, I quickly checked my cellphone and frowned when nothing came in. A sigh escaped before I looked up to find Angie rolling her eyes at me.

"I was just checking to see if my mom had called," I made an excuse. A really bad one, though, that Angie almost laughed. "You said you're not interfering, remember?"

"Right, I did," she shrugged nonchalantly. "But I'm just here to remind you that you have a 5,000-word essay to complete by tomorrow morning. Unless you're going to continue the whole stare-at-my-phone mourning session, then I suggest you might want to start on that like, instantly."

Oh, crap. Relationship complications aside, I jumped off the couch and spent the rest of the day trying to complete the essay, accompanied by Miss Meowy on my lap and dozen cups of coffee to keep me awake.
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