hey guuys. i wanted to upload so i made this quickly;
i had a history exam today + then i just sat on my windowsill + smoked w/black coffee
i talked to my best friend too which was nice [havent spoken to her since saat c:]
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1.) What food you haven't tried and would like too?
2.) Beer or Wine?
Both but wine is classier so beer when im with my friends being a tramp + wine when im having a girly night with girlfriends
3.) Have you been outside the US? If so, then where? (Vice versa if you live outside the US)
I live in the UK but ive been to the US about 8 times + yes I go on holiday a lot, I wont list everywhere, some of my favourite places have been: Thailand, Australia + Canada
4.) Where is your pilgrimage?
Uh the cigarette store? Im not sure. Urban Outfitters, Rokit, Topshop, Charity Shops/Thrift Stores am I answering the question right?
5.) Do you want to be a cat?
Not that fussed to be honest
6.) What is your dream job?
Actress, writer, journalist, author, personal shopper, wedding/party planner/omg idk everything fun
7.) Favorite kind of weather?
Im always cold so winter doesn’t bother me, I like it when its sunny but there’s a breeze, summer evenings are the best but I love winter
8.) Favourite city?
London, New York + Warsaw
9.) Do you have a favorite book that you can read over and over again and it never gets old? 
yes, Wintergirls
10.) Do you like eReaders? Why or why not?
Uh I have a kindle fire HD which my mum bought me + its pretty cool
11.) Do you have a comfort food/drink?
Food isn’t a comfort. Green tea, Coke zero + Chamomile Tea (:

Uh I do this way too much + I have no inspiration at the moment, do these questions if you want dolls but I wont tag c;

This set is dedicated to @shsdivaxoxoxo u know I love u gurl c; this is 4 the one u made 4 me darling xo

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