ejected from a dream | Esclaramunda Zafiris

* Esclaramunda Zafiris "Clara"
* Ageless
* Captain of a Union starship.
* Chasing our protagonists through the universe.
* Keeps letting them go because she doesn't know why she keeps fighting for people she hates.
* Dead inside.
* Half-human from Δρ-78.
* Hates herself, hates others, wants to just be happy, or failing that, just be.
* Sad, and maybe mad.
* Still trying to grow up.
* Likes bright coloured lipstick, silly clothes, trash TV, quiz-shows and sad music. Oh, and alien races - most humans don't have much respect for aliens, but Clara loves them, a lot. The happiest she is is when she's dealing with alien reps.
* Wants to care, but is too tired.

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@sophisticatedignorance21 Thank you! :D

Wrote two years ago


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