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electric hearts ♡ simple and magazine set group

hey people! ♡ that was awks sorry. welcome to electric hearts ♡ a simple and magazine set group even though there are about a billion, i decided to make one more haha. ♡ there will be weekly or biweekly contests, with member suggested themes one a month or so if you have an idea message the moderator, alison @h0ld-0n-let-g0 ♡you can post any style of set style, as long as it is a simple set or a magazine set. everything will be reviewed by the moderator just keep that in mind. ♡ sorry we do not allow: home sets, beauty sets, roleplay sets, anons, or icons and tips. please don't submit sets with foul language or nudity. group founded: 080416 by alison @h0ld-0n-let-g0
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