Electric Shock MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8I8QGFA1oM&feature=player_embedded

Dear SME, you're not the best company in kpop. You earn more then other companies. But spend way less then them.

Instead of giving us F(X) MV on time, you made us waiting...for this s*hit of video -.- Seriously, can't you hire someone with a bit of creativity??

Electirc Shock MV is typical SME, with dancing girls on weird backgrounds. That's all. Oh, how entertaining -.-

I'm absolutely mad at SME because they again teased us with artsy promotional pictures [like with SNSD's the Boys] and gave us boring MV that doesn't have anything from teaser photos -. -

People complain that SME doesn;t treat their artist well, but I must say that they doesn't treat they fans better.

I really feel bad for F(x) members.
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