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ELEGANT | MINIMAL | AESTHETIC | VEGETARIAN - styles & moods, positive & creative, growth & tollerant, with jewellery

ELEGANT - in style and matching, MINIMAL - light and easy, AESTHETIC - beautiful and pleasant, VEGETARIAN - healthy and variable. This group is for those who are fond of creating and appreciating sets with clothes, shoes and all other accessories, but especially we want to see connection with jewellery (or jewelry). The group is hosted by online designers store subtilus.co.uk. We host both general contests to promote elegance | minimalism | aesthetics | vegetarianism and promotional contests to all above + some prizes or discounts from subtilus.co.uk & mentioning in our subtilus.co.uk/diary. ---------- SubtiluS ----------- Style Is Better Than Meat Subtle. Aesthetic. Vegetarian Get Styles From Designers Our Mission ::::::: encourage You to wear adornments in a subtle and vegetarian manner. Our Vision ::::::: open the gates for designers to meet You. endless balanced sustainable growth ..
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