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"Ello, ello, ello. :)
I'm Bella - co-head of Camp Elements - and to join our camp, you'll need an element. Chose from one of the following campers. If they're taken, it'll say at the beginning of their bio - but it wont do any harm to find out what they're like. Maybe it'll give you an edge if you know how to handle them.
Talicia and I are the only ones who have magic - because we are the heads of the camp, of course - and I, Bella, am the oldest camper at 19 years old. So come to us if you have any problems.
New campers may enroll soon - so don't get too comfortable, having space and all. Just train with your element and well - that's all you can do.
Talicia and I are the only ones with magic. Talicia can specialize in water while I do in fire. So, if the head of element is inavailable, come to us.
Thanks, and good luck bro."
  • Gorgeous Gallery Ambrehhh is Dead
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    "TAKEN | Bella Papilla | 19 | Magic | Fire | Camp Head | Best Friend of Callum
    Bella's... Bella's crazy. She's mental. Completely, by the way. But she's one of the two magics there are. So she is pretty powerful. She specializes in fire." — @deathmatch
  • Dylan Frick
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    "Harry Long | 18 | Head of Fire
    He's the funny one - like, really funny. He's head of fire - besides Bella of course. Smokes sometimes, but most overlook that. Most, anyway." — @deathmatch
  • set me free.
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    "Adam Weekes | 18 | Fire
    He's quite... inside himself. Keeps to himself, wont show much emotion unless someone tries to dig it out of him. Classic fire-guy really." — @deathmatch
  • climbthosecemeterywalls
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    "TAKEN | Carter Price | 15 | Fire
    She loves people. Loves. She hugs everyone. She likes hugging Richard most - because he's awesome at it. And she'll find any excuse to get a good hug." — @deathmatch
    -previously wherethecitymeetsthesea- home my bro mitch
  • Bird-I'm a Sitemodel helper
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    "TAKEN | Leanne Hitch | 17 | Fire
    She's loud and bright and likes most people. But she's got a little bit of a dark side. She can get angry easily, and is one hell of a fighter." — @deathmatch
  • kimball's photo from 9/15/08 - Fotolog
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    "Quinn Lorél | 15 | Fire
    Quinn is very self-conscious of herself, and that's why she puts so much effort into being good at her element. But, I guess it pays off - being one of the best this camp has ever had." — @deathmatch
  • So Chaz Somers is a sexy beast k~
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    "Charlie Humbles | 16 | Head of Air | Twin of Pheobe
    Okay, so, Charlie isn't a big fan of walking. So he... levitates. Everywhere. All the time. Really, it's because the ground is dirty and disgusting and he doesn't like it." — @deathmatch
  • My Heart Caves In When I Look At You
    More info
    "James Harvey | 17 | Air
    James is a skater. Basically all of his life is about doing stunts. Which is why Air is so good for him - seriously, flying dirtbikes; how could he not like it?" — @deathmatch
    Candice // 14 // Southern California
  • rare betty; sitemodels';
    More info
    "TAKEN | Phoebe Humbles | 16 | Air | Twin of Charlie | Best Friend Tammy
    She's the opposite of her brother. While he hates dirt, she can't get enough of it. She loves mud and paint and actually walking. Maybe that's why she has a bit of a crush on James?" — @deathmatch
  • Rare Jennifer Greenwood
    More info
    "Tammy Green | 15 | Air | Best Friend of Phoebe
    As best friends go, Tammy is one of the greatest you could have; supportive, friendly, gives piggy backs..." — @deathmatch
    More info
    "Danni Leighton | 16 | Air
    She doesn't speak much unless spoken to. But if she gets close to someone - she'll never shut up." — @deathmatch
  • Stefanies Sitemodels
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    "TAKEN | Terri Sprite | 16 | Air
    Terri's been held up in a room for most of her life, so even the small things excite her. So let's say something big happens? There's no controlling her." — @deathmatch
  • Machine Embroidery Designs at Embroidery Library! - Maple Leaves Spray
    SOLD OUT: More info
    A spray of maple leaves is beautiful on towels and curtains at the cabin.
  • A place where all the freaks are outside...
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    "Alex Ware | 17 | Head of Earth
    What is there to say, really? Other than his rapid OCD, ADHD and ADD, there's nothing much to define him - which I guess he wants to change. Just, when talking to him - keep his attention." — @deathmatch
  • DONT USE, unless i love you :'D.
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    "Danny Jakobson | 17 | Earth | Brother of Callum | Best Friend of Talicia
    He's a good hugger and an awesome friend - but he can be a bit of a jerk when he wants to." — @deathmatch
  • To all the dreamers...
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    "Callum Jakobson | 18 | Earth | Brother of Danny | Best Friend of Bella
    He's just a good of hugger as his brother, but much nicer. He tries to be nice all the time, and is very protective of his best friend Bella." — @deathmatch
  • coastal kids.
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    "TAKEN | Monica Rouse | 17 | Earth
    Monica's more of an... naturey girl, hens the Earth element. She's all into wearing baggy jumpers, scarves etc. The life, huh?" — @deathmatch
  • aurora mohn @auroramohn
    More info
    "TAKEN | Annie-Mae Matthews | 16 | Earth
    She wishes she was a water element but, no, luck would not have it that way. So she avoids using her powers as much as humanly possible." — @deathmatch
    aurora mohn ( @auroramohn ) popular photos on Instagram.
  • Horse Photograph-Wild horses in the desert Mountains-Summer, Big Bend,Texas-Home Decor-Vintage Style Photography-8x10
    SOLD OUT: More info
    These extraordinary wild horses were in perfect symmetrical positions when I shot this photo. A beautiful moment in West Texas nature. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This vintage style photograph is printed in a professional lab on Kodak Royal Digital matte paper with a white border for extra frame space. Enter my shop to see my entire collection of fine art photography:
  • scene girls | Tumblr
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    "TAKEN | Talicia Evans | 17 | Magic | Water | Camp Head | Best Friend of Danny
    Second head of the camp, but specializes in water. She's shy and positive - but she does get huge mood swings. Complete perfectionist." — @deathmatch
  • Wishes with a side of ignorance.
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    "Dorian Reed | 16 | Head of Water | Best Friends With Penny
    He's adorable. There's no denying it. He doesn't deny it. He embraces it. Literally, he tries to use it as an advantage, though." — @deathmatch
  • Insanely Cute Guys ♥
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    "Richard Heyler | 18 | Water
    He likes hugs. He hugs everyone. After a fight - he'll hug the guy he hates. He's a bit strange like that. Also, he can get angry pretty quickly." — @deathmatch
  • scene girl | Tumblr
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    "TAKEN | Penny Cooper | 15 | Water | Best Friends With Dorian
    She's adorable - just like Dorian... probably why they get on so well. She loves hugs and is very funny :)" — @deathmatch
  • scene hair | Tumblr
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    "TAKEN | Karen Way | 17 | Water
    Karen is always trying to be that sophisticated, older girl. And well, everyone comes to her for advice because she's so good at it. But that doesn't mean she's good with her own problems." — @deathmatch
  • _pretty girl site model
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    "TAKEN | Laura Stayne | 16 | Water
    Laura's that pretty girl everyone wants to be like. Even her. She's a bit of a fake, but no one wants to accuse her of it - she's so nice." — @deathmatch
  • Beach Photography ocean photography water photography water ripples beach photograph aqua blue wall art 8x10 Photo, "Ocean Ripples"
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    Beach Photography - Original fine art photograph of water ripples gently lapping up against the shore. peaceful. TITLE: Ocean


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