Dear friends and followers,

I have some unexpected news and updates to share with you all, a bit sad but in the big picture it's actually quite great.

So, to make an originally very long, extremely detailed and complicated story short and to the point, I'm gonna give you guys a very concise explanation of my cruise ship experience:

I came, I saw, I worked my ass off and I went under. To me, this was probably the most extreme experience I've ever had in every way mentionable - The amount of work compared to the extremely low compensation, the mental and physical stress and the way people were towards you, it was all simply out of my world. Never have I ever felt so low standing and out of my element.

So the conclusion of all this is obviously that no, it was unfortunately, definitely not at all the experience or adventure I had imagined and been told about, and in my eyes not worth it what so ever. And yes, I understandably also felt like I had wasted so much time preparing for this trip, getting ready for months, and then it kind of turned out to be all for nothing. 

BUT - because of all this mess and the unhappiness it caused, I came to the point where I realized how much I need creativity in my life, and how much I'm longing back for it. I've had a couple of years now when I've been travelling, exploring different places and working a bit here and there purely for the sake of experience and adventure. But I have always known where I have my heart, and I think I'm really getting ready now to get my ass back in the creative business - where all my true passions and talents lie within - and try to start that career I've always known I one day wanted. 

So, Voilà! That's that and I'm one experience richer! I've always been of the opinion that I rather regret the things that I've done than the things I never did. And this way, if nothing else, you will at least have damn good stories to tell when you're old and wrinkly.

Hope you're all well and that the new year has started out great for you. It's absolutely lovely to be back - @polyvore truly feeds my soul ♥ 

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