Elizabeth I: the Virgin Queen

Elizabeth Tudor was the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. When she was only three years old her mother was executed (because her father wished it) and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate and removed from court. When she was in her late teens her sister Mary I became Queen of England and Elizabeth was shortly imprisoned in the Tower of London due to her Protestantic faith. But Mary I died childless and Elizabeth became Queen of England. During her reign she defeated the Spanish Armada and introduced a new kind of religious tolerance in England. Her reign was tremendously prosperous and is called "the Golden Age" - Elizabeth herself earning the name of Gloriana. She never married and died childless at the age of 70 - standing to her death.

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Wrote three years ago
@soda-dreamer thank you ! Actually the movies were a part of my inspiration :D

Wrote three years ago
This is so beautiful! A few days ago I watched "Elizabeth" (from 1998, I think) and it was amazing. I think this collection really suits that movie :)


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