I just felt like writing something. I haven't wrote anything for a long time. 

I had a dream that my whole life was over. Just like that.. just over. Not there. Gone, forever. Easton was no more. Easton with her smile, her sparkling eyes - nothing. A blank canvas that couldn't - no- wouldn't fill itself. The tide crashed at my feet. With a start and the beat of my heart - I woke up. I was alive, I was here - at the water. I must've fell asleep. I looked around, it was still light out. A yawn escaped me. I got into a standing position as I glazed at the waters edge. Sparkles of light and mist came into view. It reminded me of my eyes. The same color, everywhere. They never did change but this lake, this body of water, it was always changing. Moving this way and that. A chill came over her. Easton grabbed for the nearest thing and took a breath. A hoodie was next to her. It didn't belong to her. Inside was a note addressed to her, by full name. The chills kept coming as she read the short note. It wasn't sweet. It wasn't even romantic. It was blood curdling. The kind that before you know it you are screaming, not just inside but outside of yourself. Screaming, and screaming and screaming until you can't scream anymore. The ones that seem to last a life time. The ones you barely notice you are doing. Easton didn't scream. It was odd for her to do so. 

"It's summer and you are alone" She kept saying to herself over and over again. It was much better than screaming and kept her semi-calm. A flash of lightning and something else caught her eye. A hoodie just like the one that she quenched in her hands seemed to be moving away from her at a speed that wasn't normal. Easton called out to the person, to the hoodie but it was just dead wind. Whoever it was or what it was, was gone - without earshot. Easton didn't know if this terrified her more or not. It started to rain and Easton began to run in the direction the person - the thing - was heading. It was the only way back to her car. Back to civilization. Back to society. Back to her everlasting life. 

She was older now - if you could believe it. She was no longer a kid but had a kid of her own. Zepplyn was her everything. Easton always wanted Zepplyn to go to The Art Institute and she did. Easton wanted her daughter to have an upbringing that she had. Zepplyn planned on studying fashion and graphic design. Zepplyn was doing so good at the school but lacking the social life that her mother once had. 

"My life is over" came into Easton's head as she reached the car. "My kid hates me". But really Zepplyn adored her mother, a fact that not a lot of people knew since Zeppy didn't really interact with people that much. She was nothing like Easton. She was more like Gavin in certain ways. Reserved, especially. Easton weeped for the good old days hitting her head on the steering wheel. She always was dramatic. She felt old, felt like nobody liked her anymore - especially her "best friends". She felt lost with a certain someone. It seems like things never changed but yet she was different, he was still the same, more reserved, I'd say but the same nevertheless. It was like nothing bad happened between them. No resentment, no distance at all. At peace with eachother - the way it always was, yet different. He didn't say much but boy, when he did. It took her breathe away. It made her think at night. All those memories that were fading come right back. It all starts again. It's a cycle. The cycle of love, of beginnings, of endings.
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