Elle Buffett.

✿ fuℓℓ name ; Elle Marie Buffett
✿ age ; sixteen and a half.
✿ origins ; Irish/German American
✂ - - - - ✂ - - - -
✿ date of birth ; October 23
✿ pℓace of birth ; UES, NYC, NY
✿ time of birth ; 4:23 am.
✿ pℓaces ℓived ; just the UES. In her park ave. penthouse.
✂ - - - - ✂ - - - -
✿ cℓique ; You asked me to join last time and since we never really started last time, i'm honestly not sure.
If I am still invited, I choose the highest invite only clique. if not, the highest non-invite.
(Sorry for the confusion!)
✿ personaℓity ;
Elle is a very complicated girl. She's quick witted, smart--but not a bookworm--, intellectual--but not nerdy--,and charming. She appreciates the finer things in life. Shes always saying, "Well, its good to live expensive." She enjoys keeping other girls on their toes by using her parents and grandfather's wealth to get exclusive items. She is definitely not the socialite to be in People magazine for being reckless. Shes emulates Blair Waldorf. Shes cold and thinks she above everyone and everything. Shes your typical UES brat, but shes also so much more. Shes vulnerable and kind of sad, though she does an excellent job covering that all up.
✂ - - - - ✂ - - - -
✿ appearance ; Emily DiDonato.
Elle has brown long hair that falls to the end of her rib cage. Her eyes are amazing, don't even get me started on her lashes. They are amazingly long and perfect. Her lips are this shade of pink that looks like it should be a lipstick, but its not. Her skin is always very clear and a beautiful fair tone that slightly tans in the summer months. Her legs are long and model like. Shes got the thigh gap to make anyone jealous.
✂ - - - - ✂ - - - -
✿ biography ; One day Elle was brought into the world. She was cradled in the arms of her mother and father and then her billionaire grandfather who was none other than Warren Buffett. The founder of Citi, West Corp, and Berkshire Hathaway. Worth $53.5 Billion. That name gets you very far in the UES. A few years passed and I'm sure you can guess what was in between. Trust funds, extravagant birthdays, trips to Paris and such. Now Elle is sixteen and living every girls dream living in the same building Blair Waldorf lived in the TV Show Gossip Girl. But, people don't understand it all. Having more money as a teen that most people will ever earn or spend in their lives comes with a price, after all her cousin who was adopted- was disowned by the family after appearing in Jamie Johnson's, heir to the Johnson and Johnson company, documentary about rich kids. Elle refused to be in it, which just shows what kind of self absprbed brat she is. Shes always been very close with her Grandfather. Hes promised to pay for her college, cars, and her first home. She has her life all planned out and to be honest, she likes it that way.
✿ famiℓy ; Her father, James Buffett
Her mother, Lauren Loctaine Buffett
✿ possessions ; If I were to list all of her possessions it would take quite some time. But, the posessions she adores are her: Range Rover, Ferrari 2013, Her 3 Hermes Birkin bags, Her iPhone 5, her rare Vintage CHANEL tote.

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