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Monday, June 13th: The Butterfly Inn is having a special today - you can stay and day and night and try out their new stuff. The comfy beds, delicious foods, and an endless amount of hot tubs

Sienna Hunt

Today I was going to the Butterfly Inn for a special they were having. I made sure and called ahead to see if it was okay to bring Elle.

When Elle and I arrived at the Butterfly Inn she was getting a bit restless I knew she missed Carter and so did I. I walked to the front desk to check in and Elle kept barking and pulling on the leash. I looked down to see if she was okay. As the the front desk lady was handing me my card Elle got loose and it looked like she was chasing someone. I took my card and stuffed it in my purse and ran into Elle.

I cursed under my breath"Elle" I screamed

Then someone picked her up and I stopped to be faced with no one other then Carter

"You should hold the leash tighter" he said putting the small dog on the floor and handing my the leash

"Well I'm sorry she is a strong dog" I said

We stood there in silence for about5 seconds when Carter spoke.

"I umm.. like your hair, its a nice look on you" he said referring to my wavey hair

"I dint feel like flat ironing my hair after my shower" I whispered softly

"Thank" I said so he could hear me

This conversation was getting a bit awkward I thought 

"Well I have to go to my room" I said turning to walk away

Carter then grabbed my hand "Sienna I'm sorry" he said 

""No i'm sorry" I said "My mother is...." I cut myself off
and looked down

"I love you" he said 

I looked up "I love you too" I said

I couldn't resist not kissing him and neither could he. That one moment I felt like my mother was forgotten and Carter and I are focusing on our future together.

"Did you get a room?" I asked him

"No I came here to look for you" he said

We walked up to the room together, I opened the door and smiled this room was so pretty.


Three comments

Wrote 4 years ago
You guys are cuties. (;

Wrote 4 years ago
D'aw. ;)
xx Lo

Wrote 4 years ago
What a lucky couple. :))

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