Elle Wellington

Name: Elle Cornelia Wellington
Looks: Emily Didonato
Personality: Elle is mean, cold, and a brat. She's very manipulative and is used to getting her own way. She likes social destruction, a lot. She has always been on top and intends to stay in her close circle of friends.
Age: 16 and a half
Biography: She was born and immediately wrapped in Hermes. You get the picture, the lap of luxury. She lives in a penthouse on the UES, and she's well known in many social circles, school and page six. She is the daughter of supermodel and now designer, Cynthia Wellington. Her father is William Wellington, a hugely famous actor that mostly lives in LA, but he comes to visit. Her parents are divorced. She is always attending parties, draped in couture, or setting trends. Thats just Elle.
Hobbies and Likes: Hobbies? Scheming, shopping, partying, studying (she has to get into an ivy league), she likes lipgloss, couture, chanel, fashion week,
Family: Cynthia Westwick-46- Jennifer Aniston
William Westwick-46- Brad Pitt
Other important information and details: Nothing really, I think you get the picture.

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