So guess what Tomorrow is?? Or for some of u who are seeing this late........Its My BDAY! I used to be sad of the coming of my Birthday cause I just feel like im growing to fast but im only going to be 17. I'll always be a kid at heart. <3 I just wanted to let u all know. Maybe ill even get special sets made for me???? lol jk :P All though that would be nice.
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Wrote 4 years ago
@gianna14 Really?! YAY! Thx! <33333333

Wrote 4 years ago
Happy Late Birthday DX
I'm sorry I've been busy but it's Saturday so yay!
I'll make you a set :3

Wrote 4 years ago
@pinkstardust Awwww Why thank u my love! :) I understand...its hard for me to get on here anymore. :(

Wrote 4 years ago
welcome :)




Hi There, this Group was created on February,11,2012. This was inspired by ANIME of course! Here are a few rules and things that will be happening in this group.
1-This group is for anime sets only.
2-I ask that you please don't post any nudity.
3-we will be having lots of contests in this group.
4-Feel free to message any of the moderators at anytime.
Group Founded By-Hollisterlove11 AKA PrincessLuka16
║╚╝╠══╦╦══╦═╗ Put this in your account
║╔╗║╔╗║║║║║╩╣ if you love anime!

~Animaniacs~ &lt;3

~Animaniacs~ <3

All anime accepted
Only Anime Sets Please~ <3
Cosplay set's are considered anime sets... So I accept those too
Yaoi and yuri sets allowed.... Just make sure thier "things" are hidden... :/
Have fun :3



There aren't a lot of anime groups I've found that do contests and such. I'm making sure we do a bunch of contests!!!!

United We Stand

United We Stand

Ok this is a group that we have created for very close knit friends. People who seem to have roughly around the same friends as others. So mutual friends. Friends that tag others in a third persons set, or bring someone else into a conversation because you know they will add to the joy of it. (You can join by a group invitation only).
You can find here the story of the group:
There are different categories so you may find interest in this group! Specific categories are moderated by the specific people listed.
Moderators: @i-love-stan-the-man & @pinkstardust
FASHION (Focus on stylist/style/brand/trends)
Moderators: @hollisterlove11 & @bommie-says-saranghae (old account: @megan-urie-loves-brendon)
Moderators: @ink1212 & @lawliet-had-a-heart
Moderators: @robot-in-a-box & @pig-rabbit003
*Western Music (American and European singers/bands)
Moderators: @misaki32 & @xxshatteredmemory
Moderators: @of-bullets-and-miniskirts & @prestigiously-pink
About the contests:
Every 3 weeks, we'll change the category.
Contests' themes will follow this order:
anime&manga / fashion / music / video games.
Each contest will have various themes.
The winners will be chosen by -at least- 2 mods.


2nd place in group contest: Anime + Food = Heaven?

2nd place in group contest: Anime + Food = Heaven?

10 sets from 4 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Who doesnt love food?? ok, that was rhetorical, im a big eater haha xD
Have an anime set with food? Like a piece a cake like mine or macaroons?
Well, for this contest, create an anime set (or submit an old one) that has food in it! :) Any food would do lol, it doesnt have to be junk xD

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